Feedback (ongoing)

  • Just want a place to put my thoughts but also allow you (the devs and other playtesters) to see them as well. I’ll try to keep my thoughts organized, but no promises.

    I’ll also keep updating this as I play more.

    I’ll start with some very noticeable things that I disliked:

    One thing that I haven’t taken into account is lag, I’d like to test various pings, but for now I’m usually
    at 50-60 on your official servers.

    1. Parry boxes are huge. In chiv you would more-or-less have to aim near the tip of the weapon to get a parry off, in this game, so far, it is not like that at all. I will try and record what I am talking about to visualize this thought.

    EDIT 4: (1 continued…): The parry window is too generous in my opinion, if you were to lessen the window by a bit, dragging attacks might be easier. It’s also beneficial because it’s a lot more rewarding landing parries that have a strict timing window. It doesn’t feel overly generous, but I think it could be lessened a bit more.

    1. Animations. I’m thinking this is a new game so I probably have to get used to it, but a lot of animations seem choppy or just not very fluid. Something I’ll mention in a lot of these points I bring up is that I believe you guys have a great game, I really do, it just needs a lot of polishing. That is to be expected though considering it is in an alpha stage. Some animations were better than others, but Taraunt was pretty bad with animations. If you’re going to include feints in the game I think animations need to be as crisp as possible.

    2. Weapon sounds. Reithur told me this is something you guys are still working on, but just wanted to add it anyway. I think this could also add to my issue with animations maybe? In CMW I was always so incredibly satisfied with the weapon sounds such as the messer hitting a knight. Having those sounds missing impacted my gameplay I think. In CMW when I play without sound I definitely don’t perform as well as I should at times. I hope the sounds you guys add are just as satisfying.

    3. Queuing system and input lag(?). Like animations, I might need to just get use to these, but the queuing system fucked me over a few times and there seemed to be a lot of input lag. FTP seemed very nonreactive at times and in general everything felt a bit clunky.

    4. Parry boxes differ from actual hitboxes??? Spent a long time in the training map against the one bot that just constantly attacks. I did a lot of precise testing and found a few things. One of the biggest things I noticed is that I could be close enough to parry his swings but not close enough for his swings to hit me. I’ll try and supply a video once I get one.

    5. Release times felt incredibly shitty. I attributed this to the lack of drags and sometimes overestimating my range on attacks. Release times, in my opinion, should be upped in their current state. Drags are incredibly hard to achieve and all weapons feel like they have the range of a dagger (to me at least). I also felt the same about spells in terms of range. I felt there were a lot of spells that were just too short. One example is the Vypress ability where she slides across the ground and performs a roundhouse kick at the end. I was reading the ability and it sounded really cool, but it was incredibly disappointing seeing as the sliding across the floor had very limited range.

    6. Ability delays. I like the idea of delays on abilities and I understand you guys are going for that “readable” mechanic, but the current delays on some abilities feel like too much. The Taraunt leap-slam, for example, felt incredibly weird to use because you leap into the air and you’re stuck there for a good 2-3 seconds, but then you come crashing down incredibly fast. The spear lady (forgot her name) has the one ability that she charges(?) and the delay was something like 4 seconds. I do like the idea of having delays on abilities, but right now a lot of them seem to have too much of a delay. I’d like to hear what other playtesters think of this one.

    EDIT 1: 8. I really really dislike feinting being shared with RMB, I hope you guys can find a suitable button to put feint on.

    That’s all I’ve experienced so far for negatives, if I find anymore I’ll update this list.

    On to the things that I enjoyed and thought were good

    1. I’ll start off by saying that I was incredibly happy to see that many of CMW’s core mechanics still remain intact in this game. Overall I would say so far you guys have the core of the game down and it definitely passed my expectations. As I mentioned earlier in the negatives, I think the game just needs a ton of polishing now (playing around with timings, messing with parry/hit boxes, etc). I sat in a server dueling Reithur, Simon, and Kaoz for up to 4-5 hours my first day. It definitely has the CMW feel where I can just spam the game and get so much fun out of it, despite the alpha stage. So I definitely do think this game has a ton of potential, you guys just need to be able to deliver on the small things that make it all come together. I have faith that you guys can pull it off, you have a ton of experience and made one of the most fun games I’ve ever played.

    2. Z-stabs and waterfalls. Something I noticed one hour during my duels is that Z-stabs and waterfalls are actually viable! I was so excited to see that they actually work. In CMW they are practically gone at this point, and it’s sheer luck to pull one off. In this game however, I felt rewarding for manipulating my stabs and overheads to get around my opponent’s blocks. I’m a huge feint user, but I always try to mix up my playstyle with unique mechanics such as these. I think that you should try and keep these as much as possible, z-stabs especially can become a huge mind game.

    3. Blocking projectiles. Who couldn’t like this? I love it so much and I’m glad you guys have this. I suppose it’s pretty much a must-need in order for the game to function properly, but still, you guys have done a great job with this and I’m sure those from CMW who decide to play this game will be incredibly happy. In a duel setting, I felt like the alchemancer was practically useless unless you really mastered him. This is good, because in CMW if a heavy-crossbow archer gets one shot on you, you’re dead. It felt so good that there was actual counterplay to fireballs being thrown at me.

    4. Accelerated attacks. I’ve always been a heavy user of this. A lot of my playstyle in CMW was mixing in lightning-fast attacks and lots of feints. I’m glad that strikes can be accelerated, when you mix them into your routine of attacks it feels really good having a giant piece of metal strike so quickly and inflict so much damage.

    5. Taraunt’s “Rage” ability. I’m not sure how many other “steroid” type abilities there are in the game atm, but I definitely like the idea of a buff instead of just like an actual physical ability. I’d like to see more active buffs added to the game instead of it just being pure active abilities.

    6. No reverses. This is probably the biggest highlight in terms of game mechanics, I’m so glad this shtity mechanic is gone. I can’t begin to explain how frustrating CMW has become in the last year or so. The gambling/tornado playstyle in CMW is like a plague. Gamblers/hitTraders/spinners in that game force others who don’t do that stuff to gamble/hitTrade/spin. I tried to play with mostly feints and made it a game of mind-games. However, it was incredibly difficult to play my own style because I was essentially forced into playing like the others because it was impossible to beat that style. I actually like the ideas of reverses, but the way they were balanced in that game was utter shit. I’d rather they just be removed so no one has to deal with balancing them. With that being said, I hope you guys have other ways to enable players in 1v2 situations. With the removal of reverses, it will be a lot more difficult to clutch a 1v2. This is a concern and I hope you guys address it properly. I think the best way to give a fighting chance is to make abilities that cater towards these situations.

    7. The fat guy. Kaoz showed me his 2nd weapon gives him a flame thrower. I laughed my ass for an hour straight just at how fun/troll this guy was. It’s so funny burning your enemies alive and then just flying the fuck out. He is actually probably the most fun character for me just because of the many different things you can do with him. Also his magic carpet is super troll.

    8. Map design. So far, I really enjoy the map design. Most maps seem to be very narrow, but long strips of land. I actually think this is good design because it requires people to play more strategically and use coordination. The artwork definitely seems to be… different, but I’m not one to judge regarding that. I like the different modes that you guys put out, it seems like there is something new every time.

    9. Particle/ability effects. I really like the magic in the game so far, the boulder, the bird, even just the plain arcane bolts are really cool. Everything regarding combat looks really nice so far and it definitely adds a unique touch to the game.

    EDIT 2: 10. I like vaulting and all that stuff, it’s a minor thing that ends up making the game feel more fluid.

    EDIT 3: 11. I can’t believe I forgot this one: FHF. Every since I started playing, I haven’t been traded once. It’s actually the best thing in the world just never being traded, ever. Not sure how you guys did it, but good job! I almost completely forgot about trades in my time playing, lmao.

    That’s all I’ve thought of so far for things I liked the most, as with the negatives I’ll update this as I come across more.

  • @wizardish Thanks for the awesome feedback!

    As you say, we are working on polish and tweaks for combat, audio, animations, effects, balance, and some abilities, so you will see these change and progress as we go. Animations in particular depend greatly on which class you’re looking at; some have more work completed than others.

    Some of the things you mentioned, like queuing and input lag, are not quite working as intended yet and we’re working to smooth out and fix.

    Other things, like the parry box being separate from your hitbox is intended, though may not have matched your expectations. Weapon timings (and related mechanics) are an ongoing process until we find what’s right for it. We are very interested in feedback on these kinds of mechanics, since it strongly affects combat at higher levels.

    Thanks for digging in!

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