XBOX One DLC content not working

  • I posted this on the activision site and now I’m posting it here as well, since they aren’t helping. I bought the ultimate edition for XBOX one about a week. All installed, but when in the game it says I have to purchase. But, when you click on it; it says you already own it. It appears alot of people are having this problem. Is there a plan to fix this?

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    @druez Xbox one will never get an update again. So clear your cache and redownload is all u can do.

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    Lol TB could not physically give less of a fuck about this issue

  • Man, I tried clearing cache and redownloading. That sucks. Did it not sell well on XBOX one? I’m really liking the game. I’m surprised they aren’t supporting it.

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    TB doesn’t care. What don’t u get? There is nothing you can say or do to make them care. I even made them an offer once… I asked them to “name their price” for an update… and got no response. This game is deader than roffledude in a duel lobby.

  • @druez sold fairly well but its just a port to milk the cow until it bleeds, and its been bleeding for quite some time, dont expect milk anytime soon

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