Mouse and Keyboard update for Xbox One?

  • When is this happening? Pls…

  • @AK it’s so stupid, I go into a game with my mouse and keyboard connected and I can select my class using the keyboard only (mouse doesn’t connect for some reason) and once I spawn in I can’t use any of it :’(

  • Using mouse and keyboard on Xbox One, or any controller-based console, is straight up cheating. Consoles are intended to use a controller, not keyboards. Go play PC if you want to play with your mouse and keyboard.

  • @Akemi-Homura
    If it’s up updated to be allowed for everyone, then it’s not cheating. Using one of those adapters would definitely give an unfair advantage.

    Fortunately for you, I highly doubt console chiv will ever work with mouse and keyboard.

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    @Naleaus said in Mouse and Keyboard update for Xbox One?:

    If it’s up updated to be allowed for everyone, then it’s not cheating. Using one of those adapters would definitely give an unfair advantage.

    Fortunately for you, I highly doubt console chiv will ever work with mouse and keyboard.

    It’s not Chivarly I would be worried about, it is FPS. What’s the point of buying a console that comes with a controller, if using that controller just puts me at a disadvantage. Giving console KBM support just turns them into PCs, some people don’t want PCs that’s why they buy a console, with a controller… See where I’m going with this?

    A keyboard and mouse isn’t the difference between console and PC. You can use a controller just fine on a PC, being able to doesn’t make it a console. People usually buy consoles because they’re cheaper, don’t have to mess with settings, worry about upgrading parts, etc.

    Having the choice wouldn’t be a bad thing, as long as everyone has the option. I know Microsoft wants to start allowing PC and Xbox to play together, so they’ll eventually need the option.

    Like I said though, it will never happen on console chivalry. Newer games going forward maybe, but they’re not going to go back and update this game to add that functionality.

  • @Naleaus

    Yeah, you can use a controller on PC, but I can’t think of any practical uses for a controller on a PC. A mouse seems like the much superior option, in my opinion.

  • @Akemi-Homura
    Fighting games, Dark Souls (or any action RPG really), stuff like that I prefer a controller. It has uses, but definitely not good for FPS games.

  • @Naleaus

    Yeah, I can see that. Although, besides fighting games, action RPGs aren’t very competitive in nature. Sure, Dark Souls has PvP, but the game isn’t solely based around PvP, it’s a separate mechanic, so I feel using a controller on PC for games like that is fine, because it doesn’t give much of an advantage, it just feels smoother. Another example could be Minecraft.

    However, in games that take the serious precision, and are pretty competitive, such as Chiv, or any FPS multiplayer, KBM is going to have the upper hand most of the time, and I feel in those types of games, PC’s KBM should stay on the PC platform, and the consoles’ controllers should stay on the console platform, just so everyone has a fair advantage, and that way, skill can be truly shown.

  • Microsoft said that KBM support is “months” away only a few months ago and there is much speculation regarding the July 29th anniversary update. Many are saying the long awaited KBM update is arriving .


  • Also anyone that says KBM isn’t superior to an Xbox controller is lying tbh.

  • To touch on another point Microsoft stated that they will have an option to opt out of matches where users are using KBM for balancing reasons, meaning that KBM users and controller users will be matched differently.

    HOWEVER, Chivalry isn’t a big enough game that this will be viable meaning that those who have access to KBM will have an advantage

  • @AK I think that the whole “controller vs M+K” argument is on a case by case basis tbh.

    personally I have to play with a controller for pc chiv cause M+K feels alien to me.

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    Mouse and Keyboard is unfair in FPS especially. Since in counter strike I’m far more accurate and make minor adjustments instantly with a mouse that can’t be done with a controller on Xbox playing something such as call of duty.

  • mouse and keyboard in my opinion would only be fair if everyone has the opportunity to do so. Until that day i think its a bit unfair.

  • @coledeawesome I bought a cheap mouse AND keyboard for 10$ at Big Lots. You don’t have to buy some 100$ setup

  • Needs VR support. Fook yer mouse and keyboard.

  • @AK
    Pretty sure he meant what I had said; that if the ability to use it is universal and intended then it’s fine, but if you have to use an unofficial adapter that isn’t actually supported by the game it’s not.

  • @Naleaus oh okay

  • @AK if you added mk support then you would need to compensate for sensitivity.

    Like if you play pc it’s a lot faster because it’s faster to move a mouse.

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