Broken Server browser?

  • When I start chivalry I can usually get the servers up. However, if I’m disconnected from a server, crash, leave it or simply try to either refresh the server browser or use ANY of the options in it all the servers disappear. Once the servers have disappeared I can no longer see any servers until I restart steam. This is very frustrating as it forces me to either jump into the first server I see with available spots OR not play the game at all.

    I’ve tried both the official fixes and also tried reducing the refresh time out to 10 sec. Are there any network ports that should be opened or anything to get the browser working properly?

    For some reason I also tend to get about 50+ higher ping than my friend when playing, even though we have the same ISP and live close by. A problem I never get in other games. :|

    I love the game, just wish that out of the 4 hours I’ve spent in game ½ that wouldn’t have been wasted on hassling with the browser.

  • Doesn’t anyone at least know what ports the game is using? Or rather the browser? Or is there an external browser available somewhere so you can just connect using the console? I really want to play! :P

  • It’s launch weekend :( are there no representatives looking at this forum?

  • My server browser is also broken. It was working last night. Is there any word if the beta fix still applies? The other thread about the broken server browsers is locked. Any help would be appreciated.

    edit: I followed their steps on enabling the steam beta participation and it works now. follow these steps and then close the thread if it works!

  • It’s the same for me even with beta enabled :(

  • Still nothing, no announcement or anything? Buuump

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