Vigilist and Entropist roles.

  • Sorry if the thread is a bit messy.

    Right now we have the 6 characters with different roles.
    Taurant, Alchemancer, and Vypress are very offensive, while the tinker is a bit of a defense/offense hybrid. Vigilist being a healer/tank hybrid and entropist being some weird healer/fatty hybrid.

    I had a talk with Gauntlet a while back and we both thought it was a good idea to only have one class as a healer, which would then be the Entropist, while the vigilist would focus on tanking/absorbing damage and what not.

    The current defensive ability tree for the vigilist is:

    • Iron Dome: quite well rounded and good ability that lets you fight while being shielded from projectiles.
    • Healing Well: Something that heals you and nearby team mates.
    • Held Shield: Amazing ability that has a lot of potential and could help your team push in without being overwhelmed by projectiles as you get close to the enemies.

    The current healing set for the Entropist is

    • Healing Grenadeade: Quite useful if team mates don’t move around too much.
    • Healing Blast: It’s okay?
    • Frenzy: not even healing but a projectile.

    I would like to see the healing ability removed from the vigilist and instead transfered to the entropist.
    Healing well is just a stationary healing blast, so they could potentially merge and become the same ability later on if you decide on something like a healing beam (similar to fire beam) later on.

    The Vigilist would then have the Iron dome and the held shield, but would require a third defensive ability.
    I would suggest using the barrier for this, though change the way it works because right now it seems quite shitty. You would place it in a similar fashion to how it’s placed right now, except that it works differently:
    When you or a team mate walks through it, it boosts your/their health by 30 (depending on the health scaling later on), it has 2-3 uses which means that 2-3 people on your team can get that extra 30 health, if they lose it they don’t regenerate it, but unlike overhealing they don’t lose it over time, only when damaged. Example:

    • You play vigilist and you walk through the barrier, your health is extended to 150 from 120, it doesn’t detoriate over time, but if you lose health you don’t regenerate it (until you’re below 120 obviously, but then only to 120).
    • It also shouldn’t stack, meaning you should only be able to walk through it and get the effect once.
    • If your health is below your own max health, ie 50 at the time, you shouldn’t magically get 150 health.
    • Alternative1: it only works if you have full HP, or it’s a separate type of health called armour, which detoriates before health, but if you’re on lower HP and get the armour you would still heal back to 120+the additional 30 armour. Though if you take damage it detoriates the armour health first. (I hope this mess is understandable.)
    • Alternative2: It’s a buff that lasts for a set amount of time and not until enough damage has been dealt.

    With this the Entropist would be the dedicated Healer of the classes, and having only one healer would probably be for the best.
    While the Vigilist would end up as the Tankier class.

  • I like the idea of making Vigilist tankier and Entropist more of the healer.

    What do you think of the idea of a 2h on Vigilist? Taraunt is the only class with the 2h, I feel like at least one other class with a 2h would be good.

  • I wouldn’t mind it, in fact, I’d actually prefer it.
    Though I’d still like to see the sheild equipped some way, perhaps having the longside of it attached to the spear/halberd.

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