Feedback regarding Mines.

  • The Tinker mines recently got a new and better feature, considering they can now be “thrown,” however right now the distance is short, really short, 3 of whatever distance this is.


    I would prefer to see it fly a lot further, not the full distance of a chaos orb, but in a similar fashion to it.

    When I played some the other day with Gremp it turned out that he could actually parry the mine as it was airbourne, but if it hit him it did nothing, which is “fine”.
    Except that if he parries it there should still be an explosion damaging everyone around him, and if it hits it should pop the top and he would have to prepare to parry it; alternatively it could pop as it hits someone, but that would be a bit OP, while another alternative would be to inflict minor damage upon impact with a person before it explodes with a slight delay, as if the mine was stationary.

    Overall I really like the idea of the mines being thrown as it brings a new element to them, however they might need a nerf in damage, cooldown, or amount you can place in the world to compensate for it.

    I’m also not a fan of the way they’re textured for the different teams, the Bashrani mine definetly stands out more being all purple, while the Azar blends more with the environment. Having the base look similar for both teams but then a slight difference in trim colour/glowing orb colour should be enough to determine which team it belongs to.

  • @Xylvion I don’t think the mine textures or effects are finished yet. We’re experimenting with the way they’re used, so these are some good ideas.

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