Feedback regarding sprint regen

  • Something I noticed within my first few minutes of playing the game was the ability to regen at a normal rate while sprinting.

    I am here to argue that this shouldn’t stay, while at the same time remain open to your reasoning for having it this way.

    Something I also noticed while doing some testing was that when using your warcry © it would stop regen until the warcry finished, I’m pretty sure this is unintended so I thought I’d let you guys know.

    Lets start with some examples from C:MW about pushing up as a defender/attacker.

    In competitive Chivalry, it was common to push up to the enemy’s spawn IF the cart was nearing the end of the objective. This is most commonly seen in Darkforest (1st objective when the cart is past the bridge, 2nd objective when the cart is past the donut, 3rd objective not too common, 4th objective when only C remains). There are many reasons that you push up, but the primary one is because the defenders will spawn in time, if they get wiped after pushing up which is the case 90% of the time. Pushing up was a lot more common in vanilla when regen rates were complete ass, so it made the most sense to just push up, do a lot of dmg and then respawn to full health. Attackers would also push up too assuming you had a full wipe and time to do it. Attackers would not necessarily suicide, but they would poke at the defenders or just waste time in general. OR, in some very rare cases, it was common that the archer just sits on the cart, while all other 5 push up to the spawn. This was most common on the 1st objective of Darkforest because you were never supposed to leave spawn on the left side (as a defender) or else you would be at a time disadvantage. Now moving onto Mirage and pushing/defending:

    One thing I need to say is that I need to do more testing in an actual match that has more than 3 people on each side. Everything I’m about to explain is theoretical, and will be based primarily off the reasoning that spawns and the way they work is similar to that of chiv.

    The claim here is that being able to regen fully while sprinting is a snowball mechanic that punishes the ability for comebacks to be made. Based on just going around looking at maps, a lot of the map lengths seem similar to that of many Chivalry objectives (in terms of time it takes to travel). This was concerning to me as I thought of a lot of different ways teams could abuse regen while sprinting. Firstly, there are NO disadvantages to pushing up because you aren’t punished for it. This is especially apparent with the defender’s side. They can push ALL the way up to the attackers spawn in a short amount of time while also regening on the way there. Imagine being an attacking team, you just lost a teamfight on the bomb in Academy and all of the defending members are within 1-hit of any melee hit, spell, or whatever. You got so close to wiping the team, but guess what, the defending team now just pushes up and camps your spawn, oh and they’re also back to 100% health with no penalty. This is why it’s so snow-bally. If you just barely win a teamfight as the defending team, the attackers are set back SO much. So although this argument is mostly about how OP defending becomes, lets look at attackers too.

    The thing is, with attacking there is some punishment to pushing all the way up to the defender’s spawn. The punishment is that if the attackers get wiped, they have to travel a lot further than defenders (usually). This is the kind of trade-off there needs to be. Attackers need to choose specifically when to push up, for example: if you’re about to cap 2 points and you need maybe 25% more, it would be wise to push up because you only need 25% left. This means that if the attackers push and stall for long enough they can close out the objective. These are key decisions that need to be made, however with defending I can foresee the choices always being “push up all the way to spawn”.

    Let’s take a game like Overwatch for instance which has mostly payload maps. Pushing up in OW isn’t as viable because the maps are a lot shorter, and the defending team also gives up a lot of ground if they decide to push up. In Mirage, or even in Chiv, there is no ground to be given up. Position matters in Overwatch, holding certain angles and corners. There is no punishment for pushing up in Chiv or Mirage though, none at all.

    Anyway, these are just my thoughts on the fact that you can regen fully while sprinting. Let me know what you guys think.

    I was thinking that you should either reduce the regen rate while sprinting, or just eliminate it completely.

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