Range being deceiving and the bubble

  • The range on a lot of attacks is incredibly deceiving right now. A lot of times it looks like I hit the model, but nothing registers. I’m not sure if this is because of lag, or what causes it in general, but it makes the hitboxes in the game feel incredibly small.

    This led me to do some testing regarding the bubble, and holy shit the bubble is huge. I’d like to see the bubble reduced, but I imagine having the bubble this big helps reduce RoHs? If you guys can find a way to reduce the bubble in its current state while making sure RoHs still don’t work that would be great.

    I’m not sure how others feel about the bubble, but go see for yourself. I tried to get as close to another player as I could and in first-person it seemed ok, but when I switched to third person the distance between the models was huge.

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