Feedback regarding Alchemancer

  • Firstly I’m going to lay out the two things I will be covering, but again this will probably be another rant as usual per my other posts.

    1. I had the MOST fun when playing Alchemancer vs. Alchemancer duels. Dragging projectiles and the teleport/barrier spells made these duels really fun. Not to mention the projectiles colliding mid-air. It was really fun to try and find corners or specific angles to play from and drag my projectiles around the enemy’s projectiles. Overall I think it’s definitely a different feel, and I like it a lot. It’s not in C:MW where you have longbow broadhead, or normal/heavy crossbow and it’s whoever lands the first shot. It feels rewarding to be consistent playing the Alchemancer, unlike in C:MW where anyone can perform as an archer because of low-investment high-reward weapons like the ones I mentioned previously. I can also theorize, although I’m not sure, that it would be fun to play Alchemancer in a team-play environment where you have teammates to protect you. I’ve done mostly duels, a few 2v2 and 3v3s, but that’s about it. However, in a 6v6 I would imagine it being a lot more fun. I also had fun playing in maps like Academy where there were really sharp turns and I was trying to figure out specific ways to drag my fireball left and then right to get around these turns. Even if he lacks the melee component of the game, he is still a lot of fun to play in very specific circumstances.

    2. I had the LEAST amount of fun when playing against primarily against any other of the classes, and I felt extremely limited in my ability. One thing I’d like to talk about the most is engagement. I did not feel engaged in combat at ALL during my experience fighting melee setups, whether it be duels, 2v2s, or 3v3s. Against all the other classes, I felt like I spent 90% of my time running away trying to avoid them. This can be attributed to a few reasons:

    2a. 5 ammo feels extremely restricting, I think I attribute this the most to my feeling of not being engaged enough in the combat of the game. I felt as if I had to reload every few seconds, was a really shit feeling. His main projectile (LMB) doesn’t seem to do that much damage, it can be easily parried and he fires them off quickly. All of these factors led to me needing to reload 24/7. Not to mention the reloading time was… on the slow end, at least in the case of having 5 ammo.

    2b. This is probably another very noticeable thing: the lack of a melee weapon. The thing is, in C:MW archers at least had some backup. They had a very weak choice of melee weapons, but had devastating attacks from afar. I felt this is a fair trade-off, other than the fact that there still remains no counterplay to being shot in C:MW, however there is counterplay in this game. Now, Gauntlet said he doesn’t feel like he belongs in the game. I disagree slightly with that statement. I feel like he definitely has a place in the game, and he shares many similarities with other classes, but he feels like a gimmick. I’m not sure if that’s the proper word to use, but he feels like he’s a very niche pick that can only be used in certain situations. He plays a lot differently from other classes, so this is what gives him that feel.

    2b(cont). Because of the lack of a melee weapon, I also spent a large amount of my time just running around and kiting. This felt really slow-paced and boring. You guys have nailed the counterplay: parrying projectiles, but there’s still this issue of it feeling like a game of cat and mouse. It’s the Alchemancer stalling as long as he can, trying to reload whenever possible and the other classes repeatedly parrying and struggling to catch up to him.

    2c. Lack of versatile spells. Teleport/levitate/and barrier are all nice, but they don’t make the class feel versatile enough, in fact these spells just add to the points I was talking about earlier, running around and kiting non-stop. Most of his abilities seem to just be pure damage, which just makes him feel really stale, and I feel like I have the same effects using any of the abilities, they don’t differ too much, in my opinion. I’m not sure what kind of abilities I would add to him, but maybe AoE slows, maybe a stun, basically more utility spells instead of pure nuke-spells that just dump loads of damage onto the battlefield.

    Some changes I would make to make him feel better:

    Ammo count really needs to go up. I’d try 10 for now, but if it still feels bad, maybe up it a little bit more.

    Give him a very weak melee weapon so that if the player is skilled enough they can defend themselves using the same system every other class uses: melee combat. Maybe like a dagger-type weapon with like 4-5 HTK, short range, and moderate speed.

    Give him more utility spells to work with, possible buffs or changes to the already existing utility spells.

    Possibly up his movespeed, I’m not sure about this one but he feels a little bit slow considering he barely has any gear on.

  • Not sure why his parry is gone again, it’s a needed mechanic for every class.

    On regards to his projectile and the ammo count I disagree, instead I would like to suggest another way for it to work:

    • Move it from LMB to scrollwheel up.
    • Instead of having any ammo count at all, present a cooldown, similar to how force push and former dodge handled it, but a longer delay.
    • Making sure it’s impossible to queue two of them in a row.
    • Increase the damage slightly to compensate for less spam.

    As to him not having a melee weapon is also a bit of a problem. I could see him having quite a few different varitys of weapons:

    • A simple sword.
    • A wand that adds an ethereal apperance as attacks are used, perhaps of an axe or what not.

  • @Xylvion I feel like having a cooldown on his LMB would make it feel incredibly clunky and slow-paced, but I’d definitely like to experiment with a change like the one you proposed.

  • Eh, in my experience the Alchemancer having any sort of melee attack made him quite powerful. Giving him a parry would be helpful, seeing as in an earlier alpha the Vypress didn’t have a parry and was practically unplayable. But… you do have a point. Maybe some other attacks assigned to overhead and stab that are less focused on killing the enemy up close and more getting them away from you or restraining them long enough for a teammate to come back you up?

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