Ranking up by other means than killing

  • I was wondering is getting kills the only option for unlocking new weapons?

    Fulfilling objectives seem like a waste of time if winning gives you less than just chasing for kills does.

    Doing objectives like pushing a ram through a hail of arrows will most likely give you a lot of deaths, should at least give you a boon when completing it :)

  • 99% of the time, the best way to complete an objective is to first kill all enemies nearby it. That way you can push the ram more than three feet before getting killed.

  • Killing or getting assists around objectives gives you the most points. I had 32 kills yesterday all around the bomb cart and I ended with nearly 500 points.

  • Well that’s what I mean, points for captures and assists don’t count for nothing since kills is used to unlock.

  • I believe assists should contribute to unlock progress, but not completing objectives.

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