War of the emblems

  • So in the past two days I’ve been getting spammed by the almighty alphawolf over the whole topic of emblems, js if you see my goons running around with #70 dragonish crowny we are not affiliated with wolf at all, we only wear the Emblem cause we aren’t changing it cause “the great alphawolf” threatened me to do so lol

  • @Somervillage you guys had it first anyways. Why would you guys have to change it?

  • Oh do me a favor since he doesn’t have you blocked, and Ask him why 2 of his clan members refuse to 1v1 me and the other 3-0 rage quit. I’d appreciate it! :D

    Also, don’t change your symbol. I enjoy hearing about his autistic meltdowns over a game.

  • We don’t plan on it lol

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