Animation for Swings and Movement

  • I wasn’t sure if the animations are final or if you guys are planning to update them. They look really cool and smooth.

    They feel like they are missing something. I think it is jerk and hip motion. They just speed up too evenly, peak speed seems slow, and the third person camera makes it look like they are arm punching - at least when I was watching my Tauran swing.

    Same thing with the running. It makes me feel better if I have the feeling that my character is running as fast as he is able to run. I don’t like seeing them power walk if I, as a player, am in a hurry.

  • @Cakebread666 our animations are in-progress. Different classes have had some more work done than others, but they are all being polished to make them look “right” and to give your movements the proper feel.

    Specific feedback on this is very useful because it helps us learn what we need to improve; if you’ve got more to talk about, we’re listening.

  • Parrying magic is incredibly dope. I love how easy it is to deflect powers when they aren’t set up with positioning. Really cool.

    Posting this here because I couldn’t make a second thread.

    I could look more closely later.

    Specifically, the Taurans overhand looks like he’s arm swinging. A real overhead should have a rise of the heels on the way up and a drop of weight on the down stroke, with a turn of the hips in the direction of the swing. Right now he’s just winging it with his arms.

    By jerk, I mean the acceleration of the swing shouldn’t be even. I think you want the swing to speed up at a faster rate, the longer its been traveling, until it hits peak power at some distance through the arc.

  • @Cakebread666 And I don’t know if this is really true. I’m just saying words from physics.

    Anyway, I don’t know if you are motion capturing or animating, but if you look at how people swing a bat, I don’t think the velocity is that smooth, especially with something heavy.

  • We brought this up a while back, after the second(?) teaser for Mirage. And yes, the hip motion/body turning is still far from optimal, the swings are as you mentioned traveling at the same velocity throughout the whole release which looks somewhat weird, but could work as long as the attacks themself had some more “umph” to them.
    If you look at someone taking a swing they move their whole body, even the legs. Now leg movement isn’t needed as it looks weird when your character stands still and you’re supposed to still be able to attack as you run around the battlefield.
    Considering the swings are really telegraphed in both this game and chivalry the comparison to a baseball player is spot on, they turn their torsos a lot to gain maximum power from the centrifugal force coped with their own power, the core (torso muscles, especially abs) is really important in all typed of martial arts, even HEMA. Every punch or attack comes from the core as a base, which means that “arm attacks” as cakebread calls them look weird, which they do.

    Out of the characters the vigilist is the most stale, it’s as if she’s got a stick up her bum. Her swings are stale and don’t look right at all, her posture is boring and again doesn’t look good. I still think it’s better to make her use both hands for the weapon as wizardish mentioned in another thread, she could still have the shield attached to either the arm or have it attached to the weapon base.

    All the running animations look like power walks, that’s true, though it’s sorta understandable since you didn’t even want a sprint from the start. However it looks bad and regular running animations would be optimal.

    On regards to the Vypress animations, I dislike dual wielding, not because of how it looks, but how it affects gameplay, however I would be fine with it if the only attack the pata is used for is the stab, moving both overheads to the jambiya/right hand weapon instead. The issue is that attacks can come from two different weapons and as the defender you won’t know until they’re being queued, meanwhile if you only have one weapon to defend against you know what you have to follow visually before an attack even starts.

  • Developer

    This are some really great feed backs, keep them coming. The animation is in the process of ongoing polish, most of this issues are been look at and worked on. Re guarding the weapon swing speed there is some game play design requirement for the swing speed to be consistent. since you can drag most attacks having different speed during release could make it hard to time and read.
    I totally understand from a good animation and realism point of view good full body motion and powerful swing acceleration looks good, its a ongoing struggle to maintain the balance of what looks good and what plays good in game. We will do our best to find a right balance.

    The leg movement on attack will be removed while standing still, it is a know bug we will fix soon.

    I agree with the run animations, Most of the run animations were done while back when the run speed was much slower, more of walking speed, that got change as the game developed, we are looking to update it soon.

    Thanks for the feed back guys!

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