Where is the input config ini file?

  • I’m trying to map this game to use my controller effectively, anyone know where the ini file that controls the mapping is? I’m a Dark Souls pvp player so I trying to map the buttons so it resembles the layout for DkS. I can do most of it from Motionjoy’s control app, but I want the dodge button as well and It’s not on the controller by default.

    I’m not looking for a controller vs mouse/keyboard discussion.


  • Whereveryouhavesteaminstalled/Steam/steamapps/common/chivalrymedievalwarfare/udkgame/config/udkgame.ini

    I have no idea how to alter gamepad bindings though.

  • Which of the configs am I supposed to use? I saw in another thread that it was the UDKinput.ini file, but it’s not in my folder.

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