Alpha Build #6 - Release notes

  • Developer

    Lots of really good feedback lately, been a bit behind on answering it all but we really appreciate it and we’re listening to everything that you guys post.

    Schedule wise we have Pax west coming up in a month or so which is what we’ll be working towards after this build, this means the ability selection will be more limited while we polish them up and work on combat, performance and fixing bugs.
    Larger scale testing will be coming after that, based on how the pax build is we’ll see how quickly we can start but it’s our number one priority after pax.
    We’ll also be updating everyone on how the game and schedule is doing at pax west.

    Release notes



    • bash taurant vo added
    • New frontend UI - very WIP
    • made ragdolls less floaty but also less stable
    • Added Afro hair
    • improved game loading time


    • Reenabled different turn limits per class
    • Added keybinds for cancelling attacks and cancel into parry
      • CancelToParry = RMB
      • Cancel = V & R
    • Restructing combat state and queuing logic to prevent errors and desyncs - ongoing
    • reduced player collision size in relation to enemies
    • updated damage values for alt weapons
    • Updated team damage values for all melee weapons - slightly increased
    • lowered movement speed slightly
    • weapon tracer and size tweaks
    • reduced entropist weapon reach
    • reduced jump distances


    • enabled heatseek
    • Added lifesteal buff ability
    • Moved Fire bomb ability to Tinker
    • new disc ability for the entropist - very early
    • Spawn Rock
      • spawn rock now goes as high as the environment allows instead of poking through it
      • added sounds and particles
      • spawnrock now destroys itself after the aftertouch is done
      • Spawnrocks aftertouch now deals self damage
    • new projectile interaction setup for alchemancer mains, they’ll glance off of eachother instead of being destroyed
    • Tweaked shuriken drag settings a bit, should be easier to aim
    • New behaviour for fireball hitting other fireballs
    • Fixed Phoenix’s bird not enabling on BeginDrag
    • Tweaked Phoenix’s velocity to be more intuitive
    • Abiltiy bar icons now show an active state while casting them
    • Alch floating action while comboing only triggers after movement abilities now
    • Piercing Shot now destroys itself on teammate hits
    • added more variety between the different extended melee projectiles
    • adjusted dropbomb aftertouch slightly
    • increased shieldbash lunge
    • added backflip lunge if you’re moving forward
    • beam ability improvements
    • Tsunami now deflects projectiles infront of the vigilist while preparing to cast it
    • tweaked explosive punch range
    • reduced spawnbarrier ammo count from 2 to 1, reduced cooldown, increased cast time (active parry time increased)
    • big blast now detonates on blocked hits
    • the final knockback of charge now only applies to targets previously hit by charge
    • changed cast type of several taurant abilities to allow for more fluid comboes
    • reduced disperse knockback
    • tweaked grenade launcher projectile speed
    • removed grenade functionality to bounce off of enemies when hit right away
    • UPDATE, shuriken is now a chakram. and an even more ridicilous chakram ability has been added to the entropist


    • Forward spawn improvements
    • Updated animations for all classes
    • players don’t earn score or lose score unless the game is in progress…eg. not pre round, post round etc
    • Added team color boost at distance
    • The distance sound colour system first iteration is complete, now with death screams, intense swing grunts and impacts (combat sounds can be heard from far away with this)
    • Updated death recap screen
    • Updated objective UI
    • VO menu update
    • Vypress animation grip change
    • some new taur battlecries (running)
    • Smooth spectator cam zoom out.
    • added DoT effect to out-of-combat areas in all sunkencity game modes


    • fixed queueing issue from abilities that you can’t combo out of
    • fixed running/falling into or headbanging your own projectiles causing them to collide with you
    • Fixed a few uncommon desyncs that can occur when comboing
    • temporary fix for melee bypassing parries
    • Disable landing slow down because of desync/jittering.
    • fix the sticky spawn wall issue
    • Proper fix for hitting detached components (helmet) belonging to alive players
    • Fix multiple hits on ragdolls from one melee swing
    • Fixed instant respawn bug
    • Fixed major memory leakmemleak
    • Fix teleporting inside iron dome.
    • fixed spawn barrier cancel bug
    • removed stamina requirment that was causing desyncs while comboing - temporary
    • Fixed vaulting through window.
    • Fix cancel cooldown timer.
    • fixed beams not activating properly
    • fixed being able to reload with full ammo
    • fixed LMB not reloading if you are out of ammo

    Known issues

    • there’s a bug that can cause higher then intended turn limits, seems to be happening fairly frequently
    • Still Very Low FPS with AMD cards until uncapfps console command used
    • Bots don’t leave spawn on some maps
    • Objective Progress indicators may not display properly
    • Jitter will occur if you side jump while experiencing lag. Jumping again can fix it
    • Server sometimes experiences a Memory Leak (under investigation)
    • In-game chat window now shows a scroll-bar when the chat runs longer than the set window length
    • Tinker Firebomb currently deals no damage
    • Still possible to use abilities to escape some maps
    • Some textures were not included in the build, resulting in checkerboard assets
    • Alchemancer Seeker ability may cause the server to crash (servers are currently set to restart on crash)
    • Party chat in Front-End UI & Server Browser does not currently function
    • Alchemancer - reloading while falling will destroy any of your current fireballs that were already fired
    • Persistent You & Killed By text from Killed by message window
    • Customization screen on main menu does not function and locks you in that screen; must exit the game via Alt+F4

  • yesss based torn banana, can’t wait to try it out!

  • New build is live!