ITS TIME TO STOP. (Playstyle Rant)

  • Lords and ladies of console, we have a major problem on our hands. AK, Booger, and a couple others have already pointed this infestation out…

    I’m talking about combofeintspamitis…

    The new level 40’s and 50’s are using this technique (RT, feint, RT + figure 8 + hittrade) and nothing else. Who the fuck taught you how to play? Has getting rekt by the older generation taught you nothing? This new meta is a disgrace…

    You need to be better than that you are the new top 10 of chivalry, you set an example and the OGs aren’t going to be there to hold your hands forever…

    Don’t get me wrong, combo-feints can be effective, but players out here are crutching hard.

    ROH, feint reading, accelerated/decelerated dragging, and being able to kill without feints…learn that ish. AND LEARN WHAT RB AND RIGHT STICK IS DAMMIT, IM SICK OF SEEING RT!!!

    Make Chivalry Great Again (fuck trump)

    Thank you :)

  • Tl;dr: Think of the children

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    I agree. And furthermore the age of the messer knight must end!!! Learn how to fight with a real weapon, not just hit trade faint and repeat. I propose a vanguard, man-at-arms, and archer alliance to bring down this plague of trash players who can use no other weapon than the messer!!!

  • @epickillmaster Messer isn’t bad, just don’t fight like a caveman with it

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    @AK I agree. But the majority of the chivalry community uses nothing but the messer and rt spams with it. If you are not capable of using a wide variety of weapons and be effective with them, you do not posess skill. I would like to state that this is not directed at you in any way, but is just a general statement.

  • @epickillmaster I use every weapon. I dislike the messer anyways… I only pull it out when someone kills me with g0mbles and trades.

  • I just look at the messer as the gnasher in Gears of War. Everyone hates it but loves it, and uses it. Don’t expect ppl to abandon a weapon that 3-shots a knight and can one shot the others.

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    @AK as I said that was in no way directed at you. I have seen you fight using every class except archer at this point and I’m also not saying I never use the messer, I’m simply saying that those people who use nothing but the messer and other likewise irritating weapons cough cough polehammer need to adjust their fight style to incorperate more weapons.

  • @Zemen lol @ whoever down voted your comment because it’s the truth.

    To everyone who says the messer isn’t a real weapon, you’re the type of player who gets their ass whooped back to slavery with it and rage quits the game. LET PEOPLE PLAY THE GAME WITH WHATEVER THEY WANT. Who the hell are you to tell people what they can and cannot play with as well as how they play? I play primary messer because I’ve gotten used to how slow it is and can drag the living hell out of it. I do not RT spam but even if I did, oh well? Don’t get me wrong, it’s annoying. We all know that’s what HOG does. It’s a silly play style. But if it works then it works. Let it be. Nobody is putting an end to messer users lol. So have fun with whatever thought process you’re having. I find the claymor to be very cheap and pathetic, but I’m not complaining. If people want to play with a weapon you think is lame or cheap or unfair, find a way to beat it so it’s not a problem. So when I go against a claymor, duh I’m gunna hit trade messer or feint the living hell out of it. I’ll gladly 2 hit a vanguard.

  • @KIYIS that’s the thing I mean I’m on board with saying the messer is cheesy and 90%of players use it but what’s the point in bitching on the forums lol its not like all of hog is gonna see it and go “guys I think it’s time we stopped and played fair” lol no

  • @Somervillage yeah man don’t get me wrong, a lot of players use it and it can be a bit cheesy at times, but if people want to use it and master it, just let them. Like Quit telling people they need to learn other weapons because they don’t. They spent money on the game so let them play the game how they want. If I wanna run figure eights and hit you with a super drag, combo feint it, and then jump stab you, I’m going to. Don’t like it? Find a way to prevent it.

    Lol link can’t even read that well so he’d interpret we were saying how good he was. Even if he could read, this just gives him all the more reason to keep doing it and teaching other players to do it.

  • If we want to address a real issue in the gaming community, can we talk about how EVERYONE IN POKEMON GO HAS A FUCKING EVOLUTION OF EEVEE AND ITS ANNOYING. No originality. Lmao

  • Well tbh there’s no “mastery” of the messer lol its just hit trades atm, cant count how many people just swing as soon as they’re hit and I have a flareon lol waiting for the paw glitch to be fixed

  • @Somervillage Lol the hit trades are apparently considered skill. Every messer player I have ran into is an RTistic, feinting, sweaty white boy, thats eyes are lower than their GPA.

    (No hate against anything I said just saying how it is)

  • @Zemen said in ITS TIME TO STOP. (Playstyle Rant):

    @Somervillage Lol the hit trades are apparently considered skill. Every messer player I have ran into is an RTistic, feinting, 3rd person using, sweaty white boy, thats eyes are lower than their GPA.

    (No hate against anything I said just saying how it is)

    Get rekt about 60% of all Xbox chiv players

  • More like 90 and I feint but not too often anymore, if you’re being a dolt and just spamming lt like a scrub I’ll feint to gain entry but aside from that I’ll toss it in as a finisher been trying to amp my drag game up

  • Just my opinion here…

    As much hate around the messer due to the nuisance that is the 3rd-person range run, feint, hit trade, the fact of the matter is that the messer simply works…

    I play a lot of SoW and Poleaxe, two weapons that rely on hitting stabs and overheads to do meaningful damage (the SoW can 3 hit with stabs and overheads, while the poleaxe can 2 hit with a stab and overhand) and the problem is that it is so annoying trying to lead with stabs and overhands when fighting someone in 3rd person who can run from it and gamble you immediately and then you have almost no time to CFTP, so then you’re pretty much done, due to a health disadvantage. When I use the messer, though, it isn’t as hard to catch the runners. If you are using a weapon that relies on stabs, or overhands for damage and you miss…you are going to be in trouble.

    This essentially means that you need a reliable attack to lead with that is hard to get away from, and an attack to do some decent damage. This attack has to be the slash. This is where the messer comes in. The messer’s slash does decent damage, can 1 hit archers and MAA, can 2 hit vanguards, and can 3(4 if you’re unlucky)hit Knights. Along with this, the messer is pretty slow, so you can actually control where your swing is going, and the slash has a lot of reach if you put the momentum into it. This allows you to do damage, have some reach, and consistently hit attacks, which is why the messer works so well, even for noobs. The messer is simply the best overall weapon for the console port—I don’t know about PS4, because of the 60FPS, but I assume it’s the same.

    From the PC gameplay I’ve seen, the messer is used, but the SoW seems to be the go-to dueling weapon. I would argue it is the meta because a) it can 3 hit a knight, and 2 hit every other class, with stabs and overhands, b) it has really hard feints to read, especially the stab feint, c) the immense speed can make your opponent panic, allowing you to strike when they are most vulnerable, and d) the fact that you can control the SoW much better with a mouse. And even then, people still manage to get away from it, but not as often. I’m not a PC chivalry player, so my views are a little off here, but no matter. However, the reason why I believe the SoW is so good and reliable on PC and not so much on console because of the problems with the console versions limit the capability of weapons like the SoW, or Poleaxe, and even the entire weapon set of the MAA. These problems include: 30FPS (PS4 is 60, but I assume the rest of these are still true on that console), poor optimization, poor servers, faster server speed, (I believe most duel servers on PC are at like 85-90%, but even if the speed was at 100%, like the Xb1, I would bet the PC servers could actually handle that kind of speed) the fact that you have to be incredibly fast to CFTP to avoid gambles, and the limits of aiming with a joystick, rather than a mouse. This lets the messer reign supreme as the meta weapon on console when actually doing a serious fight against someone who has the 3rd person play style, because of the reasons mentioned above. Not to say that you can’t win without a messer, but the odds will be more in your favor if you use it, in my opinion. The long sword is a good candidate too, but I find it harder to reliably 3 hit Knights and 2 hit vanguards to really see it as viable, to be honest.

    But yeah, those are my thoughts on this. Third-person is the most cowardice way to fight, in my opinion. It ruins the immersion factor of Chivalry and makes the game less enjoyable—for me, at least.

  • To people who are trying to demonize the messer:

    Personally I like the balanced LS but I’ve been known on occasion to dabble with the messer.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, a weapon is only as good as the people using it. I really have no problem with the high damage that it deals out; if you get hit twice as a vanguard with it its your fault for getting hit in the first place tbh (except for cases of lag + invisibles)

    Besides its stopping power, it has the best dragging capability of any weapon in the game–save the zwei and maul. You have better control over backswings and ROHs as well cause its slow.

    I will say however that the messer is arguably one of the reasons why this new meta came to be TBH.

    People think that just because a weapon is high damage, every kill has to be RT, Feint, RT and they act like they are the best in the game, it is really dumbing down the Chivalry community.

  • @Akemi-Homura That whole comment is longer than the Bible.

  • @Zemen roffle approves

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