Graphical Progress

  • Hey,

    Just wanted to give some feedback about the graphical progress in the recent patch.
    Not much to talk about - it’s really beautiful.

    In previous revisions, while the artstyle was there - there was a lack of polish which failed to bring the art to light, so I couldn’t appreciate it as much. But now, the shadowmaps have undergone a huge amount of polish in the maps - and I believe some textures and shaders were polished as well? Textures are clearer now, and shadows are really smooth. It now fully brings out the vivid colours that the game aims to give you.

    Also, it looks like the game is slightly cell shaded. At the very least, it definitely wants to be cell shaded, and honestly, I think that could make it look really nice and unique. I’d say embrace it - if it’s possible, make it a bit more cell shaded in the style of borderlands (though, in my opinion, borderlands’ cell shading didn’t work well on its own at all, I think you could pull it off better)

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