What are your current plans for how feinting will work in the game?

  • I only have 14 hours in the game so I can’t say how well feints work out in this game right now, but I was wondering what kind of direction you guys are going in. Here are 3 possibilities that come to mind.

    1. Feints are not meant to be readable. If they are, then they are from a distance. The way feints would work here is that players would not try to react or predict but instead they would use things like abilities and footwork to fight for initiative or to at least stay at a range where it is readable.

    2. Feints are meant to be readable. While you can do certain things to have an advantage in terms of distance and initiative, feints are difficult to read but still within possibility.

    3. Feints are not meant to be readable. There would be limited ways of gaining an advantage through distance and initiative but prediction would play a huge role.

    These are just meant to be examples. Personally I would like feints to be readable or there should be mechanical ways of countering them if they’re not. It’s hard to comment about how feints are now since animations will be improved and things could change. I would also like to know what other testers think about feinting right now and how feinting should work.

  • I like where this thread is going in terms of discussion. Feinting in Mirage feels a lot like Chivalry, there isn’t much counter play to it unless you play as you would in Chivalry: constantly moving in a way where you aren’t forced to read the enemy attacks. This isn’t bad, but it winds up feeling too much of the “same” style of play for me. I would like there to exist alternatives to this style of play. Some classes come equipped with anti-feint abilities. Taurant shove, vigilist shield bash, vypress dash attack / phase / pounce / sliding kick, entropist flying carpet, tinker back flip / spawn rock. There exists abilities that enable disengagement which is great, but I would like there to be a non-ability alternative such as making feints more readable visually or having a skill-based reactive mechanic where you can check for feints akin to chambering in M&B.

    Also points 1 and 3 are identical.

  • The newer weapon glow may be a solution to it, I’m not sure if it only applies during taurant shove, but it could be something that happens during release, that way you can easily notice if the enemy is in windup or release making it easier to read feints.

  • I like feints in their current state. The feint windows seem to be shorter than in chiv and a lot of attacks are readable. Even with me being completely new to the game, only having 30 hours or so, I’ve been able to read a fair amount of feints dueling Fart Sniffer. Footwork still seems very possible and is important, but when it comes to simply reading the feints, it seems very easy compared to chiv. In chiv only LMBs and Overheads were readable for the most part. A stab anywhere close to you was impossible to read which led people to intentionally parry early. The feinter wasn’t rewarded for placing a good feint, and the reader wasn’t rewarded because the reader simply couldn’t read the stab feint. In Mirage, however, it seems a lot easier which I really like. I am now rewarded for practicing feint reading.

    However, there are still some issues and things that need to be addressed if you’re going to have feints in the game.

    1. Animations need to be as smooth as they can be and they need to make sense. Most of the animations right now look really good in my opinion, but there are still a few that could use some polishing. I believe Taraunt to be one of these.

    2. Netcode needs to be the best of the best. I think partially the reason for people resorting to such a retarded playstyle in chiv was not only because of RoHs, but also because for some people who had above 60 ping, it became incredibly difficult to read feints which would force them into the gambling playstyle. Having the best connection possible makes the entire game smoother, but also allows everyone to have a chance at reading feints.

  • @Fart-sniffer Our intent is to make all actions readable. As you say, our animations are work in progress for for attacks and feints, but this has been somewhat impeded by adjustment of weapon timings and there’s a budget of how many frames you can give to an action that takes only a couple hundred milliseconds. You’ll see more work being done on this as we go!

    Audio did have the correct timing to help with determining whether an attack was real or a feint, though all of our audio is currently being reworked.

  • I like the idea of making actions clearer by changing the glow effects of the characters symbols/tattoos(?)/weapons (which is already happening with attacks & parries). Since there can be a lot of magic effects going on in the heat of battle additional indicators are welcome to me.

  • I find the current feints very readable. Perfect even, because people who are good still get caught.

    If there was any more of a tell, they would be boarder line useless.

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