Game freezing on character/team selection screen

  • I usually get the freeze when character/team selecting. Usually when maps first load in.(can happen at random too during a match)
    System specs:
    GPU GTX 970
    CPU AMD 8350 @ 4.0 Ghz
    RAM 8 GB 1866 DDR3
    Harddrive 1 TB HDD

    I think this has been an issue ever since the UI update, or shortly after. It’s not so common that I can never play, but it happens enough to be pretty annoying.
    Log files might be pretty big.

  • I experience the exact same problem which is very annoying indeed

  • @akazi Do you have a .dmp file to go with the logfile?

  • @Reithur The zip file should have three .DMP files included

  • @akazi I see them now, thank you. We’ll analyse them and see what we can learn.

  • @akazi We are looking for ways to reproduce this issue.

    Do you recall anything specific about what could trigger these issues sometimes and not other times?
    How long are you usually playing the game for?
    Does it happen on specific maps?
    Does it happen when you try to select a specific class or weapon? Do you have any skins for classes or weapons equipped?

  • @Reithur I’ll look into trying those things. It can happen when first loading into a server and game. I can really be playing for any given amount of time (not very informative I know) I’ve had it happen on the battlegrounds a good amount of times. happens more often when a level has a lot of things going on at once, such as level triggers/scripts, my game trying to load up all of the players in the server for the first time. When a level first loads up my game can hang for a second while my computer is trying to catch up with everything that happening on the server.
    If it hangs and I try going though the team/character selection at the same time, it can often lock up. My main game mode I play is team objective. I assume it has the most going on then any other game mode. I main vanguard and knight. I think I’ve had it happen most when selecting knight class with greatsword (don’t think it matters it I have a skin on it or not) Ha happened when selecting vanguard too. When I say selecting a class or team, it’s usually the transition to the next menu right after a selection. So if I press the agatha team for example, then the game transition to the next menu, right when the transition happens is when freezing mostly occurs.
    I’m sorry if I repeated myself in a few parts, I sometimes struggle with explaining things well.

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