controller testing feedback

  • hello every one i play under the name xiphos and i have been testing controller support here are some notes i have thus far

    Controller: xbox one after glow wired

    Lay out: jump - left shoulder
    sprint - left thumb stick button
    crouch - dpad up

                 slash - right tigger
                 overhead -right bumper
                 stab - right thumb stick button
                 cancel to parry - left trigger
                 alt attack - x button
                 ability F - b button
                 ability Q - a button
                 ability E - y button
                 ability R - dpad right

    current problems : unable to find room to bind feint, need toggle sprint, dpad hard to bind,

  • @koez1 Thanks Xiphos!

    I’ll forward this!

    Update: as per our steam conversation, here’s some more clarification on the DPad issue;

    • Have to click the mouse repeatedly to attempt to change a keybind
    • Once a keybind is finally selected, must hit a DPad button and exit the keybind menu
      – Feels like attempting to bind a dpad button is not currently intended to be an option

    Further Update:
    Suggestion for Sprinting;

    • Use Left Analog Stick for both Walk and Sprint; Push 89% for walk, push remaining 11% for Sprint

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