Stab attacks/hitboxes/parryboxes

  • Torn Banana exposed, Vesros false prophet confirmed:

    Before I get into the stab attacks, I just want to create some discussion about player hitboxes differing from actual parryboxes.


    From the screenshot you can see how the sizes compare. I tried to get Simon to match up as best he could with the parry box. It looks like the actual parry box is about 50% the size of the actual player hitbox (assuming the model is also the hitbox). On a lot of weapons, the attacks don’t register when hitting the shoulder, so I didn’t really count the shoulder when comparing the sizes. This is really concerning for me, and I think a prime reason as to why range deception is such a common thing. Assuming that the parry box is in fact 50% of the actual hitbox, it explains why a lot of attacks feel like they miss or are short on range. I would really like to see the parrybox reduced in width/height. As Xylvion explained in my recent post, the fact that the parrybox covers your model entirely means you never have to aim your parry vertically, but only horizontally. As for reducing width, it would just reduce range deception by a lot, I think.

    I know some problems may arise if you were to reduce it, so I’m not really sure if reducing it would be the proper solution. However, I’m pretty confident this is the reason as to why attacks feel so weird in terms of range.

    Here is a video of stabs being totally bork

    This might also lead to attacks feeling weird. I didn’t record other classes, but I’ve definitely noticed it before on Vigilist. You can see my attacks are 1000% hitting the parry box, and 99% should be hitting the actual hitbox. Simon took some really good screenshots to outline how it looks like on the receiving end.









    So you can see that the attacks are definitely going through the parry box, Simon tried parrying multiple times and it just didn’t register at all. I’m also pretty sure that the attacks should have been hitting the actual hitbox, but they weren’t. However, this was purely from a 1st-person view. I’ve always had this feel that the hitboxes are super specific and overall they are just super weird. In the video you can see that once Simon goes into the idle animation his shoulder extends slightly forward and suddenly the attack registers.

    So what I’m getting at is that I would like an explanation for why these things happen (if they’re intentional) or encourage you guys to maybe polish these things a little more, because they feel off right now.

  • The new weird distance thingies must’ve been something in the last 2 patches, considering it wasn’t present before. A few patches ago, after having tested the 20 meter weapons, they ended up having different sizes in first and third person, perhaps this is some aftermath of fixing that issue?

    As for the width of the parrybox… optimally it would arc around the character to prevent weird parries from happening. If the width is reduced slightly it will be possible to do this again:

  • Developer

    I’ll just clear up some mechanics first

    Hitting the parry box with red tracers doesn’t do anything
    Hitting the enemy checks if your weapon is through the parry box and then does a parry if that is the case
    Hitting the parry box with yellow tracers causes a parry even if your tracers didn’t hit the enemy

    We will add functionality so that the stabs you showed will cause a parry, this hasn’t been an issue until recently as we’re shuffling parry logic around but it should come out better in the end. might take a few weeks before we’re done with this.

    Idle/wounded animations etc will all be looked at and have already received big changes to reduce the first issue in the video as well.

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