New Maps?

  • I’ve played Chivalry throughout the beta (kick-starter backer) and was wondering if there are any new maps in the making… AoC had a lot of awesome maps and I think this game could use more…

    Are any in the making?

  • From the developers, I wouldn’t say awhile.

    But you know there is the UDK out there, people are FREE to make their OWN maps…just give it some weeks.

  • Cant wait for a helms deep kind of map. I’ve been playing on a server that allows 64 players - very awesome experience. Can’t wait for the slot count to go higher (128)

  • My cousin and I are working on “The Spartacus arena” and a “medieval version of dust_2”.

    We would love to create some kind of “bomb” mode. Similar to search and destroy in COD or de_ maps in counter-strike.

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