Spectator cam feedback.

  • Being able to see who you spectate would be optimal, as you fly around you cannot see the name of the player you’re looking at, you can’t see this when you snap onto them either.
    Overwatch does the spectating really quite well as you get this little bar on the top when you spectate someone in particular:
    alt text

    Then onto the most important spectator cam, first person. It would most likely just be a replica of what the person you spectate actually does, horizontal and vertical movement, crouching, sprinting, the attacks, all of it. It’s far more interesting to see how the game looks from their perspective than out in third person.
    alt text

    The speed of the camera itself is quite high and it would be neat to be able to change it on the fly, preferably by using the scrollwheel to up and down the movement speed. It would help to get close up shots of ongoing fights instead of just zooming past them at mach 5 and missing all the action.

    I know that some people like a really smooth toogle-able option for panning and cinematic shots, and I think that would be a good feature to have as well, especially for youtubers and movie creators.

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