how long will chivalry servers stay up

  • hi ive been playing this game for almost a month now and i think im pretty good for the amount of experience i have but im just wondering when will the servers for this game go down because somebody in a party was talking about how this games servers might go down soon. and i hope they dont go down soon because i feel that once i get more experience with this game i will be one of the best players so how long do you think it will last?

  • @Practice-Knight I doubt the Chivalry servers will go down any time soon since this game was not created by EU ;) however, the servers may go down on occasion for maintenance, etc…

  • @Practice-Knight it will never die, You’re a very good player my friend, that’s why I recruited you. Not only are you good but you are humble in victory and even more so in defeat. If we don’t give up on chivalry they will never shut our servers down, so just keep playing, the clan and the entire community are glad to have you play :) and hope that you intend to keep playing !!! - Roffle

  • I saw your name pop up on the forums so i added you to my roster

  • @Somervillage he’s been with us for 3 weeks since the start. Smart ass .

  • @LordRoffleSalad He’s taking the piss out of you… or is your intelligence as bad as your Chivalry skill? (Most definitely is)

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    Even if official were to shut down eventually, there should be enough a demand for 3rd party servers to still be needed.

  • @Papsi
    This is about console servers, which does not have the ability to host servers, can only use the ones provided.

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