Embarrassing/Regretful moments?

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    We have all had embarrassing or regretful moments in our careers.

    and I’m curious to see if anyone has the balls to admit any funnny stories of failed back stab attempts or Regret doing things to certain people.

    This was a month after Chivs hit Xbox one…
    I was late night pub grinding in a lobby where my team was doing absolutely terrible. I switch to game chat to encourage them to “stop being trash”. There were some nice guys in game chat with mics and I indeed regret raging at them.

    I also tried to 1v1 a young paper boy by the name of SGT Duck, he told me he was going to feint with double axe before attacking me and I still fell for it in front of a few people that are actually good. Get rekt vade

    I have a clean conscience now, wonder if anyone has any humility. Think of this as an AA meeting.


  • @Anakin-Skywalker I regret not screenshotting every duel I’ve ever had. Other than that I regret nothing

  • 1.Once I came back to xbox I told and claimed that I was probably gonna end up being the best MAA on Chiv I said to my friend (silentkiller164) and I missed absolutely every hit and went 6 and 15.

    2.Also another time I chased a MAA (silentkiller) because he TKed me twice in LTS and I couldn’t catch him.

    1. I got gangbanged by 3 noobs (that RTed and hit each closer to me)

    2. I got killed by CODE DEATH because he kept TKing.

    Not many others I can think of.

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    @Anakin-Skywalker My only regret is that I haven’t gotten to throw pebbles at all of the best players in the game XP

  • I’m embarrassed that I got 7-3’d by HalfdanTheBl4ck a few months ago at 3am for us…

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    @AK dude don’t worry about it tbh, before I quit during that last month I deleted all my screen shots because I reached a point where I was good enough to rematch any of them if they tried to call me out and I could bring in a win for certain. I’m sure you could as well.

  • I’ll say all of mine since I’m retiring:

    -Talking shit on reborn chief on the forums and then getting beat 5-7 by him in a duel on 360…fuck me.

    -Going AWOL for SDS wars cause I didn’t feel like playing chivalry

    -bailing out on clan practices

    -Unfriending people cause I was sick of getting game invites

    -Getting into an argument with Exalted Hierarch cause he killed me when I was trying to bow, losing my shit, going into party chat, told him to eat a d*ck (among other obscenities) and got comm banned for a day.

    -Overall triggered moments for tiny in-game and forum offenses

    -Multiple counts of teabaggery

    -Multiple counts of slander against players

    -Multiple counts of slander against clans

    -Multiple counts of first degree pub stomping

    -Multiple counts of first degree backstabbing

    Has the jury reached a verdict?

  • @Anakin-Skywalker Is this basically a self witchunt topic?

  • @Vizzle pub stomping was legalized in the hillside act of '83

  • @couchpennies said in Embarrassing/Regretful moments?:

    @Vizzle pub stomping was legalized in the hillside act of '83

    I’ve always looked at it from a case by case basis lel

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    @Vizzle sav but yes, this is a self removal of head from ass thread.

  • @couchpennies said in Embarrassing/Regretful moments?:

    @Vizzle pub stomping was legalized in the hillside act of '83


  • buying chivalry 4 times

  • I regret not being good R.I.P JEFDEL

  • @SDS-GOMBLELORd said in Embarrassing/Regretful moments?:

    I regret not being good R.I.P JEFDEL

    I regret being able to beat jefdel on 360, only to find him on XB1 and him wrecking me.

  • I regret not talking more shit to roffle before reithur caught me, fms

  • @Somervillage I like your shit talk simply because my clan mate Treflip wrecked deadly, and deadly wrecked u, and I wreck tre? Get good bro . I REGRET ALL THE TIMES I TBAGD u I’m sorry it’s dishonourable and rude . Also I regret ever scrimmaging your clan because that’s when your big rant and assault against me started … Lol… So leave me alone already and just give it up it’s very … Very sad

  • @LordRoffleSalad me n deadly go back n forth, currently we both have a 7-3 on eachother, just all depends whos doing better one day but i know one thing is for certain, i have more than enough ability to wreck you with my eyes closed lol but until u accept a duel i will not pursue the matter

  • @LordRoffleSalad and ur bad get rekt fys
    -the whole community

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    I retract my previous statement… I regret joining this forum. XP

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