Suggestion: Multi-Capture Point Map Mode

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    In lieu of the recent 8v8 (read: 10v9) test we just had in Mirage I had an idea for a mode that would support a large number of players, but balance out the roles.
    Basically, it’s the same as the capture point, but with two spawning at once on a much larger map. The timers would be the same post-capture to spawn of new point. Two large teams fighting over one small capturable point on a smaller map becomes multiple squads capturing points using varying strategies. Dev’s could, if teams are evenly matched in captured points, add in a random 3rd point that spawns causing even more chaos.
    Just an idea, feedback appreciated.

    Top Ramen,
    Papsikins Heironomous Boschnlaumb Tyrannathesaurus Rex [B]uttman the 1st of Wellington

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