The Grand Knights of Free Agency -Xbox One


    Are you the type who loves to get into the fray with the best that the clans have to offer without being a part of them? Are you willing to do battle at a moments notice? Do you itch for the thrill of clan battles without the malarkey trash talking and politics going on between them? Then The Grand Knights of Free Agency is for you! GKFA is not a clan, rather a league of extraordinary gentlemen ( Thanks Firefly ) who simply want to do battle. If a clan finds itself short for a practice/scrim/war they can turn to us to fill the gap to our best capabilities. We do NOT take sides between clans, any and all are welcome to enlist our aid. So if you think this sounds like the right place for you hit me up here or on Live which is the same name.

  • Available Gentleman:

    SerSkellyman - Rank 33
    Weapon(s) of choice - Brandistock, Spear, Polehammer.

    General Firefly - Rank
    Weapon(s) of choice - Poleaxe & Messer.

    Madc3rd - Rank 43
    Weapon(s) of choice - Great sword & Long sword.

    theONEnONLYnado - Rank 40
    Weapon(s) of choice - Messer


  • Calm down sean connery

  • @Somervillage said in The Grand Knights of Free Agency -Xbox One:

    Calm down sean connery


  • Not a lot of us YET but the roster is up and we are available for aid.

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