Someone about to be banned in this mofo (too much salt part II)

  • DISCLAIMER: This is not to badmouth mods or console players despite the picture below


    Everything has a cause and effect:

    Console forums have no chill = Mods have no chill…

    Now look, I like telling people to kys, fys, drink bleach and other things, but things are getting out of hand…Mods are starting to crack down hard. there has been a large number of posts deleted…

    I think I can explain what is happening here:

    As console players, we are used to salt and spewing profanities over xbox live messages and party chat. We also like posting dank memes ^^

    We basically slapped our console culture on to the forums, and its resulted in us using this site to witchhunt, slander, threaten 7-0’s, and make posts about clan/player superiority.

    The mods 90% are likely not used to this inflammatory behavior, plus they have to distribute TB law if somebody breaks the rules. So they see us acting like this and feel they need to be strict.


    Console players:

    I’m not saying stop shit-talking each other, but I’m just saying stop telling people to KYS. For the longest time, we got away with slandering players–but it is the intensity of the roasting that has got us to this point…we need to ease up on the insults and stop being so triggered…

    If Atom x Kyle thought about this, he would probably still be here saying “get rekt” (FREE KYLE 2016, pour one for the homie!!!)


    @Reithur said in Worthy Of Song.:

    @Vizzle How is a moderator supposed to know what is a joke and what is not? We’ve been lax about this section of the forum, but no longer. Follow the rules or not at your own risk.

    For your reference, telling someone to kill themselves is considered a threat and/or harassment.

    We need you to be lax again bruh. Learn about us, befriend us, “‘respek’ our names” and it will come back tenfold. We aren’t here just to talk shit despite what you’ve seen, we’re just here to have fun TBH.

    TL;DR Mods and console community, stop being salty!!!


    Vizzle, “Retired” console CMW player and “Professor in Advanced Internet NaCl”

  • @Vizzle never forget Harambe plz

  • @Vizzle Very well said, glad to see someone said something. I agree mods don’t take everything so serious ik you have rules and not telling you to bend them but still and players try to act like you don’t have the mentality of a walnut. I swear I hear ppl say “Oh yea dude I have kids and a wife I don’t got time to play with you fuckwits” some shit like that. But you would think someone w/ a family wouldn’t act like a over privileged white boy that got his Xbox taken away.

  • This forum is our own place on the internet and our primary interface for our players. We believe our rules for posting here are reasonable and they are not negotiable. We have no interest in hosting flame wars or threats to other users; we do give out warnings for violations and those who ignore our warnings and continue to break rules will be removed.

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    Futher Edit: this thread has been unlocked again.

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  • Please no shit posting. I almost got this thread locked permanately.

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