Attacks hit before the animations

  • So this is a post that is more of a “I feel this” instead of “here I have solid proof of this”. Attacks hit way before the animation, on every single class. It seems to be more noticeable on Taraunt and Vigilist, but it’s definitely there on all classes. This is one of those things that you notice more and more as you put more hours into the game.

    Gauntlet brings up a good point saying that because of this you’re often forced to pre-parry everything. In Chiv you are able to make some really clutch last-second parries. This is really limited in this game though.

    In regards to feints, feints should be really balanced but they’re not. The only time I can actually read a feint and feel comfortable doing so is when they are at the absolute max range from hitting me. It’s even harder to punish someone who feints. I can’t afford to read a feint at facehug range because all the attacks hit way before the animation.

    Maybe this is something you guys are already aware of, but I thought I’d remind you or bring this to light if you haven’t noticed already.

  • Developer

    The memory leak issues we have been having greatly exaggerate this feeling specifically, so it is something that should be much better next build as we have tracked down most of those issues. Also not very happy with how feints are playing out at the moment, still planning on some experiments there to improve. Let us know if the hitting before animation thing is still bad next build. Thanks for the feedback!

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