4 Suggestions

    1. How awesome would it be to have a tournament style game mode where people fight 1v1 and the winners also fight the other winners until only 1 player comes out as the winner. Because it sucks having to find an empty server and tk ppl out when they join so we have the capability of doing 1on1 matches.

    2. Shorter battle cries (x). Every time I hear someone beginning to yell, I get these embarrassment shivers and keep thinking - ok… you can stop now… Why not have shorter war cry of about 2-3 seconds which sounds more “impacting”… would be loads more fun to do that a couple times instead of having those embarrassing long “war cries”…

    3. Redo the 3rd person animations. They are “ok” but they sure do look crappy for a game with such good graphics… They really kill the quality of the game.

    4. more maps :D

  • Do not make two forum posts containing the same thing. Go back to your other and edit it if you have more things to add.

  • This is a collection of suggestions I have, the other just a question. Which both are in their correct place.

  • It’s the same but you added a fourth idea. And how I’ll respond to #3 on this one is: third person isn’t the main focus of the game, your supposed to play first person, it makes it feel like your using the weapon, instead of just controlling a puppet.

  • I play the game in first person, but you see the third person animations from the others - thats what I meant by third person.

  • Oh, in that aspect I think they did fine, the higher your quality, the more realistic it looks.

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