Hacks exist?

  • Just wondering if anybody knows if any dirty hacks are floating around in this game?

    I was playing in a game last night where a Knight was using a 1 handed hammer and a kiteshield, and I swear that he was using some kind of speed hack.

    His swings were pretty damn fast, and if you blocked the first hit and try to swing back, a 2nd swing would come almost immediately as if the block had little to no effect. I am not familiar with using this particular weapon though, so I could not say for sure.

    The other thing I noticed that has me more convinced that he was hacking was the speed in which he was running. I saw him chase a group of my teammates and he ran close to twice as fast as the people he was chasing. At least one other person in the game was complaining about it as well.

    Anyway, just wondering if it’s something we have to watch out for. Hope that regular patches and diligent admins keep running into this a minimum.

  • Both can be explained.

    1. Hammer is way to fast right now, devs are looking into balancing it.

    2. When you chase someone, they slow down, and you speed up, game mechanic.

    No hacks I know of for this, yet.

  • Thanks for the reply. Hopefully it is not a hack and that no hacks emerge for a really long time or at all. :D

    Looking forward to that hammer being toned down a bit. Seemed like 2 hits to the upper body for a kill, and at that speed. Pretty crazy!

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