Mirage: Arcane Warfare - Taurant - Character Development Profile

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    Welcome back to our Development Profile Series for Mirage: Arcane Warfare. In this edition, we examine a character class: the Taurant!
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    0_1470248923387_taruant5 - scaled.jpg

    Early Design Goals

    0_1470248961782_Taurant Concept - scaled 2.jpg

    In our last profile, we revealed the Vypress, a precise and quiet assassin. Mirage also needs a character who can lead the charge, make first contact with the enemy lines, and brawl their way out the other side. The Taurant evolved as a larger-than-life character; an imposing front-line fighter wielding a massive two-handed morning-star.

    0_1470248977609_Taurant concept 2.jpg

    To reinforce his intimidating size and ensure he is recognizable from a distance, the Taurant’s core silhouette is an inverted triangle, creating a bulky, broad-shouldered look. This is further enhanced by the bull-themed helmets he wears!

    0_1470248988388_Taurant Core Silhouette.png

    “We wanted him to look athletic and strong, resembling professional gladiators who can move well in a fight while weilding a large weapon. Lack of armour shows his aggressive personality trading protection for speed.”

    - Richard Yang, TBS Concept Artist/Animator

    Final Concept

    Colour schemes were decided and a final concept created. In this image, you can see the Jinnaye tattoos on the more conservative Bashrahni, while the Azar has Jinn scars on his arms. To find out more about the lore behind Mirage: Arcane warfare, you can read our three-part Lore series; Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

    The Bashrahni Taurant is an arrogant fighter who knows he’s good at what he does and will remind you at every opportunity. The Azar Taurant is equally brutish, but more of a gentle giant.

    0_1470249390367_Initiator_FallUpdated - both teams - scaled.jpg

    Customization Concept Options



    After concepts were completed, the Taurant’s model was completed. His core shape was preserved by animating his movements to carry himself higher than the other characters. The Taurant is unmistakable from any angle!

    0_1470249432363_taruant - scaled.jpg

    0_1470250019052_da - scaled.jpg


    The Taurant has several abilities that allow him to take on a crowd of enemies at once and can often reach a battle before his other allies. His long-hafted weapon allows him to reach others easily, forcing his opponents to approach cautiously.



    The Taurant is a relentless force of aggression, designed to leap into the fray and beat down multiple opponents at once. He can smash enemies with his mace, punch them clean across the level or flatten them with a massive boulder toss.

    - Steve Piggott, TBS President and Game Designer

    0_1470249897639_Azar Taurant 01 - Scaled.jpg

    0_1470249910049_Taurant Whirwind - scaled.jpg


    Sign up at Miragearcanewarfare.com for a chance to try out the Taurant in our Beta, coming Soon! Stay tuned for future Development Profiles, where we’ll showcase more environments, weapons, and other characters!

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