Top saltiest players in the chiv community

  • @DEADLySiNz said in Top saltiest players in the chiv community:

    I think general gatello deserves the rank of top 5 saltiest player. me and him were in a 1v1 duel he was in my party and as I’m wrecking him he says stop stop hitting me you invisd me once he was a one hit and tells me cause I invisd him once in that fight to stop let him gain his health back and start the duel all over again. I diddnt listen I went for the kill then after then for the next two matches in a row he kept back stabbing and head hunting me the whole time. Just want some other opinions on this was I wrong or was he just being a salty bitch as usual cause I rekt him. I told him invis swings are apart of chiv wasn’t my fault no reason to waist time and start the duel all over. Can I get some of your guys opinions on this please.

    And in that same party he got mad at me for looking at him and targeted me for the rear of the game XD

  • About 50% of the competitive community on PS US East servers have good claim to a top 5 spot.

  • Banned

    Got boombox
    General gaytelo
    Alpha wolf

  • Shockz Renegade

  • @DEADLySiNz I think if you dueled him you’d win 7-5 because he messer hit trades and you use Longsword.

  • Banned

    @Somervillage lol I was in that game. Best. Game. Ever.

  • honestly id say im the most salty player on chiv other competitive games have never made me rage as much as this game. nobody knows how salty i get cause i don’t talk in party chat but i honestly fucking hate this game and pisses me off so much but i cant stop playing it

  • @Practice-Knight We all know the feeling lol

  • @Practice-Knight come play with us more bro :) I’d love to sprinkle you with some more salt. :D hahah

  • @DEADLySiNz dude he uses that excuse on EVERYONE. If you get a hit on him, he will tell you it’s invis or phasing through his parry.
    That’s just Gatelo. You did nothing wrong. If You don’t stop and don’t let him regen, expect the insults and the head hunting for the next week or so.

  • Deadly nuuuuuuuu this topic is gonna get locked you know there are already 3-4 “witchhunting” topics closed down :(

    But while its here >:D

    Dottywildwolf – backstabbing bastard and probably one of alpha’s pawns

    V Lucilius V – He was throwing firepots and went 2 v 1 against me in a LTS. He’s usually honorable so IDKWTF was up

    Gow Midas – Scum of the console port, the newest incarnation of the hero x emperor type player, spawns in with his crew and takes over LTS lobbies. Anytime somebody tries to duel him, gatelo and the rest of the gang gank the individual and teababg them till they leave.

    ExaltedHierarch – DMD (duel mode douchebag) laughed my ass off as hideyo beat his ass continuously and teabagging him till he left the lobby.

    Roffledude — bruh…get your shit together. I’m sick of seeing your NaCl filled paragraphs on the forums. N you got -400 rep, get your upvotes up my boy.


    Chillin Dylan – Reached the grand old level 50. We are usually equal, but he beat my ass in a duel for the first time ever.

    Quickdraw stoat – had my back when I was dueling in FFA. Anyone who interfered was annihilated by his maul.

    | Launcelot | – WHO’S MANS IS THIS? I can’t beat him and its making me cri lol

  • It isnt witch hunting unless they weigh as much as a duck

  • @Vizzle GoW Midas is SkyrimDevil :p

  • @ATOM-x-KYLIE I can imagine kyle or something pushing this guy back with his little finge while he punchin and missing lel

  • @Vizzle Duuuuude Exalted is probably my claim for top saltiest. I met him in a duel lobby and started beating him. We were on moor so my stock was at an advantage due to the room I had to maneuver. After about 4 or 5 rounds he finally kills me for the second or third time and teabags me. I go all out for the last kill for that victory and then moved on due to boredom and a loss of respect for him. Dude was messaging me for like an hour throwing a hissy fit, saying that all I do is lag spear, even though his ping was much higher than mine. Although I have to admit it was fun to goad his anger on.

  • @SerSkellyman thats all thats fun lol just messing with people

  • @Somervillage I’m normally not someone to do that. However if they want to get that upset and nasty over a game they become fair game to me.

  • @SerSkellyman He’s so salty when he loses I don’t understand how he made it through SDS XD

  • @Vizzle He’s only mediocre in skill from what I saw too. Once you figure out his patterns, which didn’t take me long with him, you can dictate the battle and counter him easily. That was my experience with him anyway. Perhaps I caught him on an off day but the salt was totally unnecessary.:P

  • @SerSkellyman NO. He’s salty everyday XD. He was raging over the mic at vader or another ATOM member for using a messer a while ago I believe.

    I got banned cause I got into a shouting match with him and said some unsavory things after he called me a messer scrub and teabagged me.

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