Xbox One Game DLCs not registering on the game.

  • Re: XBOX ONE DLC not working?

    I’ve seen many people complain that their DLCs aren’t working. I think I know how to fix this. but every time I’ve had a problem with my Xbox One it was always after an update. I’ve only updated it twice but the first time I stumbled upon this and the second time I forgot to check but I’ve found that DLCs won’t work if the consoles update wasn’t updated successfully. Go to settings on the console then go to system then console info and updates. click on latest update status. If it says update failed then you’ll have to update it again. The only way I know how to update a console again is by resetting it.

  • @Dutch-Noris hey at least youve updated it twice, weve only updated once, what did you get in the secind update? Some dank memes?

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    @Dutch-Noris we got one update fixing the dlc issue so you’re stuck as is.

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