Maa control reactions suck.

  • I am just going to say it as it is.
    Chivalry is a great game i love it, could play it forever.
    but the control reactions for Maa just makes me wanna rage, i can walk around in a map just normal and then out of nowhere my Maa just dodges even if i do nothing. sometimes i cant walk properly because he just dodges around like an idiot. (also a total waist of endurance). Also when im fighting someone else and i have my shield on the kick/bash is so bad. I can press f and like 5 seconds after the actual kick/bash happens, i cant use that for shit. In that time the guy has either chopped off my head or he is 5 meters away from me.

    My ping is normally about 50-60 so i doubt it has anything to do with that.
    My keyboard works perfectly fine i have never had problems with it before all games i have played there has never been the slightest with the controls. Its only in Chivalry it happens so i am 100 % sure that its something with the game.

    I love the man at arms class but it is just not fun when these things happen all the time.

    You need to fix this TB its a really big problem for me.

  • I would recommend setting the slider for double tapping to 100 MS, makes it very hard to accidentally dodge.

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