Alpha Build #7 - Release notes

  • Developer

    Build CL 56632

    This build is locked to what we will be showing at PAX so not too many abilities and no entropist.

    A ton of behind the scenes work, performance and polish going on so not too many big feature changes going on, memory leaks have been sorted and we’re looking at performance overall to see what else we can do to improve it.


    • Party chat now works in the frontend
    • Loadout volumes now enable full sprint immediately (when leaving your spawn)
    • Fixed all known memory leaks, to our knowledge no more exist that should affect the playtest.
    • Animation updates across the board + blending improvements
    • ParryFx now plays whenever a parry occurs, not just while the parry ability is active
    • Many new particle effects and UI updates!
    • New sounds!
    • Motion blur enabled
    • Ability actors/projectiles now clean up properly when a round is reset
    • Forward spawns now heal you up
    • Added and enabled class limits
    • Gore improvements and fixes
    • +much much more


    • Lowered melee and parry turnrate limits
    • Queueing tweaks
    • Tweaked characters hitboxes, chest + head should be more accurate and forgiving while limbs are kept very tight.
    • Feet and hand hitboxes have been significantly reduced
    • Abilities
    • Tsunami speed and width increased
    • Reduced alch main damage
    • Reduced alch forcepush power
    • Increased teleport windup time
    • Increased dash attacks initial jump distance

    Major bug fixes

    • Fixed animation blend from recovery to idle/sprint
    • Fixed jittery movement caused by jumping
    • Fixed crouch not triggering immediately if you were not moving upon landing
    • Fixed reverse overhead projectiles
    • Fixed projectiles going through parryboxes at facehug range
    • Fixed spectator cam getting stuck at an angle
    • many many small bugs

    Major issues

    • Desync frequently doing ripostes
    • Alchemancer ammo is not visible - in the middle of a move to a new UI setup
    • Walljumps sometimes not possible due to lag/desynch

  • I sure hope I can turn off motion blur, otherwise I won’t be testing the game for quite some time.

  • Hey @Xylvion, if you typically don’t like motion blur, you’re exactly the sort of person we’d like to test our implementation :)

    The problem we’re trying to solve is that because of the speed of projectiles/swings in our game, it’s very easy to lose track of them because there’s no interpolation. We’re not implementing it as a stylistic choice, but rather to solve issues with gameplay. To this end, we’re trying to make it as responsive as we possibly can, and would really appreciate feedback on the effect. Previously we’d tried the “swing wind” effect, but it’s always looked pretty bad, and it’s bothered us for a while.

    In the end, we’ll obviously let it be disabled.

  • Wizardish quote; “hey this motion blur thing isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be”

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