• To those of you who know nothing about The House of Grimms
    It is made up of multiple divisions
    lead by Commanders of incredible strengths who are followed by captains who are followed by liutenants who lead rookies and prospects and each commander lives by his own codes and rules. You are probably all familiar with HOG PARA. That’s is the youngest division and the newest commander, albeit a very powerful one.
    HOG PARA is but one Link in a chain of immeasurable strength.
    Unfortunately it’s the only link remaining. Well… or so we thought. There were other divisions. And one stood towering above all, lead by the most powerful commander HOG has ever known. Us captains followed him with unyielding loyalty to this day. Even thought we inhabit your clans. In secret we are forever in service to him. He is our true leader. He returns from the ashes to bring glory to us all! If you know who I’m talking about. Then you know the sh#tstorm that’s coming. There’s only one commander universally followed by all Grimms. I expect a lot of bs and salt just by bringing his existence up. But I was ordered to post this and I follow not because I’m forced to. But because he’s earned my respect and loyalty. Prepare yourselves, he comes to lay ruin to you all. And yes he’s stronger than you 1v1 get in line to get 7-0 as soon as he’s back there will be time. Good luck fainting him I blew my whole stamina bar while he laughed at stood still reading every feint and blocking everything I had to throw. And I’ve already whooped half you guys. GG

  • Bler bleh blah bleh blah get rekt

  • I watchd him rekt u plenty times h3h3

  • You mean backstab while im fighting others lol

  • Hes the only 1 thats considered worse than roffle for doing that, makes roffle look like a cheap hooker

  • You think he needs to backstab you to kill you??? Idk what your guys issue was but he never acts dishonorable without a reason you probably annoyed him lol.

  • Anyone else who has excuses for getting rekt please bring them now. loses 1v1 duels CONVINCINGLY “OH BUT HE BACKSTABBED ME IN RANDOM LOBBIES!” Shh drenched in salt 😂

  • Im not salty towards it idc lol im js thats how he gwts all his kills and i uave duelled him in ffas, sow counters his entire playstyle

  • Good player dont get me wrong but just a bit of a dingus

  • Once again with my own eyes I’ve watched you lose honorable duels like wet paper against him. I respect you and I think you’re hilarious and I can see where your coming from trust me i know he can be a dingus. But you are making an erroneously ridiculous statement with “he gets all his kills with backstabs” I watched him duel 2 of ATOMS finest 2v1 and kill them both. I watched him MAIM hide your kids 1v1 in private duels and then tell hide that he would keep it a secret just in hopes of quelling the drama between them. I saw the scores of his duels with homura 7-2 he beat homura. And he was willing to admit he dropped one to homura aswell. He can be a dingus but he’s a good leader. He doesn’t need to backstab anyone to kill them and you know it.

  • @pewpewdie i havent complained about it? Infact i said i dont care and i know ive been melted by him but ive also melted him, hes not a godsend of a player but he is better than me, doesnt mean i cant get kills on him

  • Which player are you referring to?

  • @C4KE-from-SP4C3 para link

  • @Somervillage Oh no… now he IS the worst…

  • @pewpewdie that’s when you do drags instead of feints or when you let the idiot attack . Let’s see him defend my feints when I don’t throw any feints. :)

  • It’s not para link there are Grimm Commanders stronger than him

  • whoever this player is Zombies beat him and I beat zombies so get rekt bud . Are u talking about reborn Chief? He’s the only one I can think of that’s better than homura . There’s just no challenge for me now that Kyles history.

  • Hey he may not be the strongest in the game we’ve seen him lose before. But not to zombies I actualy watched him annihilate zombies 1v1 on zombies own host and then posted pics on this forum but nobody cared lol

  • @pewpewdie Post those pictures now then xD

  • I’ll have to ask for them but it might actualy be doable give me a few days I’m on vacation but I’ll keep you posted and see if I can get my hands on them mind you they are ancient so it’s mildly irrelevant but this was when atom vs HOG was at its prime and HOG was literally cleaning out atom lobbies slaughtering them like dogs kicking them and taking over their lobbies and so everyone dismissed the duel as just that a humiliating beat down on atom in their own lobby but you can clearly see zombies not being ganked in the pictures as everyone stands watching the pictures are frame by frame too every hit captured and you only see zombies get attacked by one commander and only one person and he dies 1v1. It’s clear to see then all the Grimms pile on his corpse I enjoyed ferociously teabagging him c:

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