Game Crashes 20-30mins after launch

  • For at least 3 months now the game has become unplayable as it crashes a short time after launch. It crashes in both the menu and during gameplay. Two or three times it has gone a whole session (1-3 hours) without crashing, but they’re the only times nothing has happened.

    Playing in windowed mode, clean install, verifying game integrity, lowering the graphics, updating graphics cards, playing in x32bit… Nothing has worked. The same issue happens on another, single game, but on no other games. My laptop is in good condition and new this year, it’s not a heating issue. Temperatures are about 45-60degC during gameplay and the frame rate is mostly above 60fps on full graphics.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • I took this from the more recent old post of mine that fixed this for me and a few others.

    5months back
    In some cases I simply renamed my steam folder to OldSteam. Then started again.
    It turned out a bad part of the hard disk was causing crashes

    prior to this after running defrag the C drive under tools and optimise, I renamed my Steam folder
    then made a new steam folder and the crashes stopped. If your steam folder is to big you could
    simply rename your Chivalry medieval warfare inside the common apps a smaller way.

    If your playing a game or using a program many times it can effect that tiny part of the hard disk
    that is why changing the location of the folder can sometimes clear up this problem .

  • @lowhangingfruit

    How does this affect Steam as a whole? Do I have to transfer everything to the new Steam folder, or just let Steam install stuff again on the new one? And does that mean re-downloading of games (or individually just Chivalry)?

  • you copy/paste all the contents of the old steam folder to the new folder you made. Downloading or reinstalling is not
    the case. After you have copied then you name the former folder oldsteam. The existing shortcuts will run as normal.

  • @lowhangingfruit

    Nope, game froze as usual.

  • Do you have smart screen turn off while gaming? Or another program perhaps has added itself to startup when you boot up?
    I would also consider game booster a free program used by some which stops background services that could effect gaming
    on a toggle button.

  • @lowhangingfruit

    SmartScreen Filter? I’ve left it on as default. There are no other programs running. ROG Gaming Centre and that’s about it.

  • Are you sure the fan is not clogged slightly with dust, laptop isn’t it?
    I would suggest you set all things to low settings plus vsnyc off in game and nvidia panel.
    Just to see what happens. Remember if you use the game browser to much ie it used to
    cause a crash often within a few maps I found, adding your favourite servers to that is useful
    just open browser as little as possible and then connect to a saved favourite server. Also some
    maps used to bring on a crash, even if a few maps later, Citadel was a fav crash for me, often
    crashing out to that even after rebooting my system I could often rejoin server and continue from
    my place prior to crash, even retaining my scores k/d ratio. Also worth considering after all this
    playing just small FFA maps on servers to see if it reduces crashes. Venture into T/O but try to
    note the map you was in prior to a crash. back tomorrow myself gl.

  • @lowhangingfruit

    The laptop is new, it’s an ASUS G752VY, has 2 fans at the back, 2 vents for dust to blow out. No dust there, laptop nice and cool.

    It can’t be the settings, laptop runs Witcher 3 on full settings no problem at all. I’ve gsync on this so I’ll try with that off. I have frozen before and had to sign out of the laptop then rejoined the server to find my k/d ratio there and everything, but what that even means, I don’t know…

  • @GearHawk, next time, please post your system specs first; both lowhangingfruit and I thought your system was overheating. Your system is likely bottlenecked on the CPU.

    Intel Quad Core i7-6820HK 2.7GHz (Turbo up to 3.6GHz) Skylake Overclocked Processor

    Chivalry is an older game built on an engine from 2004 (Unreal 3). It likes CPUs with fewer cores and higher speeds and only uses a couple cores. The new games you cite expect to use multiple cores and it doesn’t matter if they’re lower speed cores because it uses more of them.

    If you can figure out how to get your system Turbo to activate, it should run better.

    Chivalry plays very smoothly if your CPU is up above 3.5GHz; you’ll have to reduce your settings if you can’t enable turbo on your system. Reduce ragdolls, reduce decals, turn off Vignette, reduce dynamic lighting, light shafts, shadows and see how it plays.

    You can enable the Steam Overlay FPS counter or use the console commands stat fps or stat unit to check your in-game FPS.

    If you want to post your crash logs, you can just drag the file onto your forum post.

  • @Reithur

    I said at the start it’s not a heating issue as I can read the temps. I have my launch, dump and dxdiag files ready but I didn’t know how to upload them (never saw the ‘compose’ button). I’ve put them up now (I think), but the dump file won’t upload.

    With all the items you listed enabled, like I said I always get a solid 60-75 fps. Is my aim to reach even higher with those options disabled?

  • @GearHawk Are you able to make a dropbox link for the .dmp file?

    If you’re seeing performance steadily fall, you’ve probably got a memory leak happening, though we won’t know more without the .dmp file. Can you please add your logfile to your post when you link the dmp file?

  • @Reithur

    Dropbox is saying it will be a long time till upload of the dump file for some reason (~2gb). Is there something I’m doing wrong when uploading the file directly to my post? After I’ve dragged and dropped it appears as “[0_1470783278959_Launch.log](Uploading 100%)”. The Dump file won’t even recognise though. Nothing happens when I drag and drop it.

  • @Reithur

    I reduced the settings like you said and the game ran fine. Not sure if coincidence, but it didn’t freeze.

  • The dump file is too large to be posted onto our forum, which is why it needs to be a link to an external file site.

    I’ve occasionally had issues posting smaller files; you might need to retry it a few times.

    Did you reduce all of the settings I suggested? Or just some of them?

  • @Reithur

    I’ll try drop box again so.

    I reduced ALL the settings you listed, yes.

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