The World Record -500 Reputation ????

  • It’s true everyone. The Great Roffledude has just made history on the forums. In just 1 month, that’s right, in just 30 days, Roffle has achieved what no man has ever done before. No positive number could ever compare to this amazing -500 number. The Legend, The Myth The Roffle. :)

  • -500 because you’re such a popular individual ^^

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  • @LordRoffleSalad Boi you got ashy knees

  • Banned

    @Xylo said in The World Record -500 Reputation ???:

    @LordRoffleSalad Boi you got ashy knees

    What does that even mean??

  • @Xylo said in The World Record -500 Reputation ???:

    @LordRoffleSalad Boi you got ashy knees


  • This thread, and the forums in general:

  • @Reithur how is this guy not banned. Like my god how many more down votes does he need for you to just end him. Obviously a problem in the community.

  • @ATOM-x-KYLIE said in The World Record -500 Reputation ???:

    @Reithur how is this guy not banned. Like my god how many more down votes does he need for you to just end him. Obviously a problem in the community.

    Technically he’s not breaking the rules of the forums. He’s just making inflammatory statements.

  • @Vizzle I’m trying to hold a clan together . Or I wouldn’t be on the forum at all and if I were to somehow get banned I would simply get a General to come and make a forum account so we could still be a clan :p

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  • Yeah, I’m not really sure how Roffle hasn’t been banned yet, honestly. He’s violating section II of the forum rules, titled Expected Behavior, so he should be rid of, for the good of the Xbox One community. Let him spew his garbage in his lame party chats that I will never be in, better than having to see it on this forum tbh.

  • 0_1470769935110_image.png

    Here is that section of the rules, in case someone needed to know.

  • @Akemi-Homura you and countless others have continued to call me down as well as my clan and members. Also rude comments so you are all not following the rules as well . He’s not going to ban us all, just people like Kyle who tell Mods to kill them self: that was begging to bed banned. I don’t want to be banned, I’m trying to run a clan so stop being rude and so will I :)

  • Then stop making baseless claims and being a complete dunce, you troll. You claim you’re better than EVERYONE, yet you have no proof. I’ve yet to see any clips or screenshots of you beating anyone who is actually good. You won’t duel ANYONE on this forum, but you’ll still trash talk. You’re cancerous and toxic to this community, and you should not be on this forum. Enough said. Nobody would’ve ever been “rude” to you if you simply made your clan’s thread on the Clan Hub page, updated it regularly, and kept in contact with other leaders for information concerning wars. If you really wanted to sustain your clan, you wouldn’t have -500 reputation.

  • @Akemi-Homura you’re just mad I am better than you and whenever you join my games and I’m actually trying you always leave so come play with me more or stop judging me. I talk trash because people like GeneralGetalo get mad when I kill them over and over. I talk trash because people like Somer Village get mad when I kill them and tbag. What’s wrong with that? I no longer tbag people because of somer. If me tbagging him and killing him so much made him that mad and made him roast me on the forums then what the hell im not even going to tbag is what I told myself and I havnt TBAGGED anyone since. Not even you Homura when I kill you I just bow or keep walking. I’m honourable

  • @LordRoffleSalad Better than Homura? Go watch the montage I made and look at the last kill ;)

  • And also, look at NewAge. Most of his posts are related to his CLAN and information concerning his CLAN. He is genuinely interested in running a clan, and you, however, are not. Take notes, Roffle.

  • @LordRoffleSalad LOL I’m mad because you kill me? Please, you only kill me in unfair circumstances(2v1, less health, etc). You won’t fight me on an even playing field because you know you will lose. I still garb you even in public games. You’re pathetic. There’s nothing wrong with admitting defeat. Nobody cares if I’m better than you. You’ve just dug your own grave by saying you’re better with no proof, because whenever you do decide to properly fight against me, you WILL lose, and you will be the laughing stock of this forum. Your lies will be ruined, and in order to avoid that, you don’t fight anyone. Pathetic troll.