CP Sunken City feedback

  • I enjoy the way the map looks and plays, and the many paths you can take to and from the different areas. There are some issues however. The tower with the portal near C. You can’t jump from that tower onto C without using an ability; considering the height difference a regular jump should be sufficient.

    Now that we can’t turn during wall jumps you can’t get around the same way as you previously could which is really annoying. This is not a map issue, but a mechanic issue. Being able to change direction midair really made the movement on the map more fluent in earlier builds.

    Capturing the points seem a bit too fast.

    • When we had our test session earlier, A had been captured, and B was on the way to be unlocked, however everyone on both teams were on A fighting. As our team lost the fight, the opponents ran to B and capped it before we could respawn. It should perhaps happen if the fight occured on B, but notwhile the fight occurs elsewhere and they’ve not even begun capping the point yet.
    • When a point has been capped - B - and only team X was there as they had killed team Y, the newly spawned team Y rushes to C as that’s what’s to be unlocked next. As Team X arrives there’s no pressure on them as the point has yet to unlock and they really have no reason to push up straight away; which is a good thing. However, it feels like a bit too much time ticks away before it even unlocks, during that time team X can run from B->C, wipe team Y before the point is even possible to cap. This also boils down to the capture time being too short, because now team Y is once again wiped and team X can easily cap before team Y has a chance to get back and contest.
      The unlock time feels even longer when it’s C->A or A->B as the distance between the objectives is so much shorter.

  • @Xylvion The capture speed is something we are keenly aware of and are doing almost daily tuning to see what feels the best. As you said yourself, most of what you said comes down to capture time and lockout time. We are continuing to modify both.

  • @Stanzwar will multiple players standing on a capture zone increase the rate of capture significantly?

  • @Gauntlet Right now, looking to modify things via timers as opposed to that kind of effect.

    Stacking capture time has a significant effect on balance in a FPM as opposed to FPS, for the obvious reason that you lose a large chunk of direct recovery oppourtunity due to range.

  • Gameplaywise i havent been able to test the map thoroughly but graphicswise i think it overdoes a bit on the cell shading. Here I think less would be more.

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