Change this and make a good game

    • Autobalance!!! Had fights at start with 15:vs5 rofl
    • jave to weak. grafik bug sometimes at start with throughing spear position. soemtimes bug wehre i cant circle normaly, its sooo damn slow lol bug!
      -javelineer shield bug??? light class attakced me view tims from front!!! with this little axe weapons and rofl they ignored my shield now 5 times. so wtf is this? javelineer not hard enought or what?
    • jave weaponchange time is a joke or? thoug a spear and half an hour later u ve spear ready for combat? lol
      -LOOOL now best javelineer bug rolfmfao:u havejust throughn a spear, now u reload spear and it needs time to become ready for combat. maybe about 4 secounds or more? ok i got hit by an enemy 0.2 secound before the reloadspear time would be ready. and lol it started the reload time from start on rofl, so i had to wait again 3-4 secound to becoem ready for combat cuz someone hit me lmao!!! good job! SO i can say Javelineer is Developers biggest fail of all!
    • jave 1 hit dead class … most of the time
    • all longswords overpowered
    • how to put a server im on now in favorites?
    • joined server over steam “join a friend” how to put this server in favorites?
    • nice to get the ip of the server im on, but lol where can i put in the ip when i search a server? lol
    • light class jumps around, quickmoves on and on and still enough stamina to kill a whole armee? lol!
    • sound pls when stamina is gone, like cauhging? like in age of chivalry
    • there are server wehre i can get kills for my weapon upgrdes and therea re servers where i dont get upgrades… so ahm pls put somehting in a servername or adress to knwo if this server is a weaponupgrade server or not thx…
    • most of the objective maps are much tooo hard! 2 even skilled teams and lol 0 chance!!! i would put the spawns of the deffer more in the middle of the obejcitve stepzone, so they ve to think if they ve to attack or better move back to defend it… (just an idea) and lol thats not enough, still ahrd and deffers have catas and offenders not? lol! ever played that?

    AND BIGGEST FAIL like in AOC!: Please oh please make a better keayboardsettingstyle
    Stab: Buttonchoice, Slash: Buttonchoice and Overhead:Buttonchoice!!!
    Its annoying that palyers have to change all the time the buttons on the mouse for attackingmoves for each class new. Normaly if you would have played that, u would have changed it now. U never played this game, others did! This is the biggest Fail of the Developers!!! Absolute annoying! I wrote in age of chivalry an own config to fix this shit, i loaded for each class a config with 1 button… lol u can do that much better pls!

    • Servrbrowsersettings like “no full servers”, “no empty servers” or “ping” lol pls pls save it??? we live in 2012 not 1995!!! save the changes? tis so annoying to put these always again in!!! lol Who the fuck is testing your games?
    • Joining Full server in a waitloop would be nice
    • Added some Server on the normal way to the Favorites, but how can i delete a Server from Favorites list? Theres no Delete Funktion!
      -Fistfight to much damage lol
    • Class-Weapons Menue: Cant it save by clicking once the wepaons i choosed for the class??? i ve to click on the weapons i want to wear all the time again!!!
    • cata: pls copy it from age of chivalry! u ve here 5 distances only, pls more sensitivity

    -Next BIG FAIL!: ARches overpowered. I am heavyknight and 1 hit by nromal archer and half hp gone??? Had this most of the time now!!! Age of Archers? Or Age of Chivalry? Fix that Bull…

    -Another big Fail: Slashspammers win! Archer vs Knight! Archer dances around knight with his little pocketknife and hit him all the time for a bullshit fo damage but the knight cant do anything,0 parry,0 block nothing with his heavy mainweapon. Today vs archer with knigth and shield, he spamed slashing all the time 0 CHANCE!!! to block on hit!!! Fuck this idiot DEVELOPERS!!! Fix this or i leave this shitholegame!

    • Heavys can kick back or shieldbash…great. pro is that it only works with a smallweapon/shield. cuz when u kick someone back nd than u attack with a heavymain2handweapon the shield of the enemy is up again so … lol! a shield bash or kick is senseless for heavys with big mainweapons!

    This Game is good, but hey good grafic is really not all and its not for free! Userfriendliness is a joke right now!

    hum thats it so far for now, laterz ;-) something else coming soon (and i am german os leave me alone with grammatics)

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