Name Suggestions

  • Just got the game, and love it. The ONLY thing i have an issue with is when i play with friends, i cant tell where they are unless im in skype or some other voice chatting system asking where he is all the time, and telling him to jump or somthing so i can distinguish where he is. I know if u put ur crosshair on someone u can see their name, but that only works at a certain range. So im suggesting that names, translucent or what not, be put over peoples characters so we can tell who they are. Or, maybe leave it an option to turn on for those people who dont want it and want to keep it as medieval as possible. But yea, overall great game and love it, and this is the only thing that bugs me. Thanks for your time.

    Oh on a side note, some issues im sure your probably already away of, but when u press M to switch ur class, select it, then change ur mind and want to pick somthing else, it switches teams for you. Kinda annoying, but ive learned to just double check before i spawn. Once again, thanks for this great game.

    • Brenden

  • Ahh i just noticed there were other posts on this topic. My bad. Feel free to close this if you wish.

  • There are some great ideas in the comments of this post: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3599

  • yea, was looking at that thread earlier. he definately has the same thoughts as i do. Hope something gets implemented asap.

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