[4 Bugs on Hillside] Fire, Ammo-Marker, Positions

  • Hey Devs,

    as you can see on the 1. screenshot:

    There is an ammo chest without a marker called “Ammo”.

    as you can see on the 2. screenshot:

    If you hold a torch and change in 3rd Person view, the fire particles are a way to high. So the fire doesn’t stick on the torch itself

    as you can see on the 3. screenshot:

    If you burn the pyre, the fire is shown on the ground.

    as you can see on the 4. screenshot:
    If you kick someone who is on my position he will fall on the rocks in the water and will survive this kick but he can’t do anything because he can’t climb the walls or something like that. He has to press F10 or jumb into the water but the person who kicked him won’t get the kill because the “victim” suicides himself…


  • once i was killing a guy in FFA, then after hiting him, he jumped to the the water comiting suicide and i lost my kill.

  • Screenshot 4?

  • This is old and all of those bugs were fixed >.>

    And a guy committing suicide is just that. It’s not a bug. He just didn’t want to get killed by you! I’d do the same thing! haha.

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