Kicked from game then no server list

  • So was just in a game, and suddenly got kicked back to the main menu.
    There was no vote kick in progress (dont know why there would have been) and no error message or anything.
    Now there are no servers in the list.

    My internet is fine (otherwise wouldn’t be able to post here).

  • I’ve seen this happen a few times over the past couple of days when the steam peering networks have failed. Are you still unable to view any servers after refreshing the server list? Also double check to make sure your firewall is disabled if it persists; if the peering ports are blocked, things will be borked.

  • Also, take a look here: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=2075

  • This issue is usually resolved by restarting the game, unless the problem is with Steam undergoing some issues in which case you’ll just have to wait.

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