Pounce and Phase (Alpha build #7)

  • First off, this is the difference in distance between phase and pounce, both starting at the very same spot, both aiming towards the exact same location as they were used.

    The difference in travel distance is roughly 1 meter, and that’s being generous.
    Pounce’s cooldown is 20 seconds as compared to Phase’s 12 seconds.
    Phase also ignores all incoming damage during the period of use, while pounce doesn’t.

    I think pounce requires a major buff to even be a viable alternative to phase.

    • First off the range needs to be increased, by a lot. I’d suggest twice the current range as a start.
    • The cooldown, I think reducing it to 15 seconds would be viable when it gets the extra range.

    Phase is more of a combat ability meanwhile pounce is more of a movement ability. Right now there’s no reason to ever pick pounce instead of phase as phase is better in every way.

  • Developer

    This isn’t a complete comparison as core mechanics of pounce aren’t being used but does show a usability issue that we will fix and the ability was already adjusted a bit to take care of it since the last build.

    Phase has a locked movement mode while pounce allows you to influence the movement heavily without your movement keys. So if you pounce and don’t touch your movement keys it will indeed feel very short in its current state.

    Not saying they aren’t varied enough but there many more variables involved here like being able to get a melee swing off at full speed with pounce which can be very powerful.

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