Feedback regarding motion blur.

  • It’s one of the effects I generally turn off as soon as I start playing a new game, the effect gives me a headache and I really dislike the way it blurs everything. However there are some interesting aspects of the motion blur in Mirage that I noticed.

    On a lower FOV - 100 - I could barely turn even the slightest without it being a nuisance. It was just terrible.
    I tried 120 FOV and it felt slightly better, though it was still a bit too prominent.
    At 130 FOV, the effect didn’t bother me that much, unless I had to do quick turns back and forth, aka, when fighting multiple people. Small adjustments didn’t really have any negative effect and I barely noticed the blur during them.

    I noticed that it became even more prominent while crouching than while standing up; also with shorter characters, like the Tinker, it was more of an annoyance than it was with the Taurant.

    I’m not a massive fan of the effect - neither are my eyes - and I will most likely turn it off once there’s an option for it, though it’s not as bad as I first imagined it would be.

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