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  • New clan? You had your clan for like 2 months and haven’t done shit with it besides lose your best players

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  • @LordRoffleSalad said in < KOR > The Kingdom Of Righteousness:

    Clan Hub for <KOR>

    We are a Chivalry: Midevil Warfare clan currently recruiting members. If you are interested in trying out. My Gamertag is LordRoffleSalad.

    Xbox 1 ONLY :)

    If you can’t get a hold of me message on the Forum account or Reply on this thread. Thank you , Happy Chiving .

    I would just like to point out that you made a crucial spelling error. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare* is how it is spelled.

  • It seems like he purposely misspelled it lol

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  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight “Everyone wants to be a heathen till its time to do heathen shit” Aye, lol.

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  • @LordRoffleSalad lmao quick question why did you put both of your gamer tags on the roster lol just saying not trying to start anyshit but have a feeling half these people haven’t even been online in months like demon or Eastwood so don’t know why you even bothered putting them on there. One more thing can we have a. Clan war yet you deff have enough members

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  • @LordRoffleSalad Jesus Christ dude forget I even asked about a war with u or anything man I don’t have the time to read that. Like you can’t break it up in to two different or in your case 5 different comments for the sake of reading something that probably has no point innit let me guess. Your best in chivalry blah blah blah I’m to good to duel blah blah blah and more pointless remarks on how I’m bad and your good

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  • Dude I’m not talking shit man I told you that I was just wondering like why wait on 1 player to get back when you been saying he will be back for months that makes no sense you have so much members for you to wait months maybe years for him to get back online to have a clan war makes no sense honestly. Winning isn’t everything even have scrimmages at least I’m trying to help you like wars and scrimmages are just good practice for you and everyone in your clan how do you expect them to get better if they don’t go 1 on 1 with other good players better then them. Don’t try to make your clan based on one in active member that will never work out let your clan experience the fun and thrill in versing other clans.

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  • And dude yes we used to be friends man you use to be real cool. new age even said the same thing he use to like u and we both were pretty cool with you until you got so full of yourself and talked shit to everyone on and off the forums. you think people are gonna like you with that attitude taking shots at every clan and player and not back your shit up when you talk like that of course not. we were cool till you mentioned my name numerous amounts of times. But all that shit aside having clan wars and scrimmages are fun yu should at least let your clan experience fighting top notch players in the scrim instead of just teaching them how to be pub scrubs just saying as a leader you shouldn’t let everyone sit and wait all cause of one player. Especially when you have 30+ players that I’m sure most of them want to learn how to get better at the game and fighting the same people over and over again isn’t gonna get them better you have to let them fight different styles and reall good players. Just a thought that’s all I’m done just trying to help you out.

  • See how ignorant you are roffle thinking I’m talking shit and talking down your clan. This might be a shocker to you but you know why im in a clan? Deffinitely not to just sit and wait to get better at playing its cause like playing chivalry competively I love competition and facts are you will never ever get better by fighting the same people over again in the same clan cause there’s 100 different styles and different techniques people use and you gotta learn how to fight against all of them. And make it into your own style just giving some friendly advice bud that’s it cause why be in a clan if you don’t like competition or don’t want to be competitive am I right or wrong?

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