A first look

  • It’s been a while since I’ve played something that had this level of deep and engaging melee combat. Whether you’re in a one versus one duel with another knight, or in a huge brawl with many weapons swinging at the same place, the game always demands awareness and excitingly keeps you on your toes. Game modes are also fun and require tactics and cohesion to gain an edge, especially if you’re attacking a position.

    There are a few concerns however, but they can all be worked on in later patches. The first are the bugs. The game is prone to crashing, random lagging, and little bugs in the menu. For example, the server filter options (tick boxes) do not save. Secondly, there are a few critical options missing. There seems to be no user friendly way to change your resolution without resorting to changing the config file or launch options. This gave me a lot of trouble in the beginning. Last but definitely not least is class balancing. The Knight and Vanguard are the most stable and effective classes in the games, but the other two fail miserably. The Archer is almost entirely useless because of one primary factor: 9/10 ranged weapons shots in the game miss or clip through a player regardless of aiming skill. When you’re playing as an Archer or throwing axes as a Knight, you’re not in the mindset of “I got to aim real hard here to make this shot,” but more of a “I’ll just let this arrow go here and gamble that it will hit something.” Many of the shots seem to glitch right through the opponent even at point blank range causing frustration. The Man At Arms is also completely gobbled up by the other two melee classes. He needs much more speed and agility to have something to work with in the game.

    Overall though, I hold this game in high regards. 8.5/10, and potentially 9.0/10 if the above issues are worked on. I’ve been playing it all week so far!

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