Open letter request to Helms Deep Map developer

  • Hey Gang,
    While surfing through the boards I found this guy who has already created a beautiful Helms Deep Map in the Unreal engine. He has also several other amazing maps that would be a perfect fit for Chiv. So I took it upon myself to email him and request that he might release his maps to be used for Chiv. Once you see his work you will feel the same as I do.
    Here is his site:
    Here is his email: If you were so inclined to write him as well.

    Here is what I wrote to him, I hope you think it is appropriate.

    Greetings Vincent,

    I am writing you on behalf of the Age of Chivalry (AOC)/Chivalry: Medieval Warfare(Chiv) and my clan Killers in Lethal Alliance (KiLa) and the AOC/CHIV commnuity. I first want to tell you that your work is extraordinary specially since much of it is several years old. I saw your site and was completely overwhelmed and the skill and beauty of your maps and environments. I am hoping to start mapping soon for Chivalry as more content is being released for the new game. This leads me to a list of questions. But first I would like to inform you of Age of Chivalry (AOC)/Chivalry: Medieval Warfare(Chiv) if you haven’t heard of them.

    AOC is a free mod of the Half Life2 engine that was created back around 2007 and is still very popular. It is a first person, team based, medieval combat game. If you have a Steam account , you can find it here: … uggest__13 It has a very playable Helms Deep map and is a blast to play. Here is a video, just ignore the voices, hehe.

    There are also lots of images and other videos of the map. It was taken and used in many other HL2 mods but was originally created for AOC. I have been playing this mod since beta and am the leader of KiLa. Info on us can be found here:

    That aside, the latest version Chivalry: Medieval Warfare(Chiv) has just been released from Torn Banner Studios, a small indy game company and this is their first commercial version of the game using the Unreal engine. More info on this game can be found here: and there you will find in game footage and a simple google search will show you plenty more. They could not create or release a Helms Deep map for this release due to copy right issues which leads me to you and your many talents.

    Again I really want to congratulate you on your incredible talents and hope at some point to get to that level with my mapping as I start to learn the UT kit. SO, the reason why I am writing you… I was wondering if you have ever released your maps? Are they actually playable or were they just for class and study? Would you consider releasing them to be modified and played for Chivalry? Would you be interested in modifying and adding objectives to your maps? Sadly Chivalry only released with 6 maps and while they are awesome, very playable with different game modes, I can see several of your maps being a wonderful addition to the community. There is already great talk of getting someone to build a Helms Deep map but why reinvent the wheel if you do not have too specially when yours is so beautiful? I am not sure what it would take to add objectives to your maps as I am just beginning to learn. But I know for a fact that your maps would fit right in with the game perfectly and add more content to the game. You would be an instant hero with in the community of thousands and make connections with the developers of Torn Banner studios as they are constantly working on upgrades and new games in the future. There is even a chance that you could get hired on as a level designer for the next updates and future games. I am sure I could procure a free copy of the game if you were to agree to release them and or help in their development.

    I am very hopeful that you will consider my requests. I have become an instant fan of your work and I wish you much success as I know you will find it.

    Thank You for your time and consideration.

    Todd “Retsnom”

  • Good initiative , I hope something can be arranged.That Helms Deep map looks beautiful.

  • Crap, I just followed up and he is working for crytek, the makers of Crysis…. LOLS I hope he is generous and will release them.

  • He is truly talented, good for him.

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