A question for the Vets of Chivalry

  • Hey everyone it’s Piplur and a lot of you may not know me but I know a lot of you do. I was just wondering how you Chiv vets that know me think of me as a new player in the competitive scene. I am quite new compared to most of you and I just wanted to know if I’m well on my way to becoming a vet and reaching all of your skill levels or if I have a long road ahead of me. I train a lot and I’m getting better everyday but I just wanted to know what you vets think of me as a player (skill wise).

  • IMO you’re a pretty good player with a great fighting style. Things you may want to work on are reading feints and feinting a little less.

  • And hit yourself on the hand with a ruler everytime you run away and listen for the oppo to swing then swing in…kill the habits before they get consistent

  • Although i cant count how many times my opponent has run away and i just stand there and swing just to see and sure enough hes 20ft away but still turns around and slashes at nothing

  • you’re Not bad At all you should get in a clan To improove faster your duel skills

  • Alright, here’s an actual good tip:
    Don’t play like the console ‘vets’ because their play style is just to run away and then turn back with an alternative swing. Don’t take notice of the console vets because you’ll learn the wrong way. Watch some tutorials on pc but not rhino crunch or teripper because they’re shit. There are some good console vets like: MaHarold, Space cake, b00ger Knight, AK Kauser, Crazy Ghost, Atom X homura and some others you can learn off. They are vets without the common run away and hit trade meta- learn from these people. I would include error except that he’s mastered the run away and hit trade meta with packetloss which you want to avoid.

  • @TGL-faggot


    Good post bud. I think the run away and hit trade is a playstyle for dealing w people who are simply /better/ at having an actual swordfight, but it doesn’t impress me.

    Style/gg > kill count

  • @TGL-faggot sorry tgl faggot but i don’t See many good players doing that in duels however why have you tgl in The Name? is There a tgl clan on PC?

  • And one more thing that upset me a Little bit. You can’t Say that console vets Just run away And swing casually since you play on pc And don’t really know how console vets play. You May have warched some video on youtube but that is a complete different thing from playing really;). i’ll wait you on xbox To give you a Trout taste

  • I’ll just never understand people who play constantly in 3rd person. It completely ruins immersion, which is a key part of Chivalry, and it severely lowers the skill ceiling. All of the old players that played in 3rd on the 360 that moved to the One literally have not improved. They just throw more feints lol.

    Third-person seems like a gimmick thrown in last minute to appeal to a larger audience, imo.

    But yeah, 3rd person is pretty dumb, and it shouldn’t be in the game at all. Immersion-breaking, and meta ruining lol.

  • @Pip


    I would say that you’re just an average, 3rd person player. You’re not bad, but you aren’t going to improve if you keep playing in 3rd person. Just my opinion.

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    @YounderTrout951 Pip trains with my clan almost every night

  • which is your clan epic?

  • @Akemi-Homura yea There aren’t almost players which play in 1 Person happy To See that i’m Not The only one;)

  • @Akemi-Homura ive actually begun to play first and with the poleaxe, its been alot of fun to use a weapon outside of the box, even if its a bit more difficult than mashing rt, 1st is definitely how the game is meant to be played and damn is it a hell of a lot more fun

  • @YounderTrout951 I used to play Xbox 360 port and played for about a year of it. I have a good understanding of how most people play. From my friends who play on console, it hasn’t seemed to change that much.

  • @YounderTrout951 Oh yeah, I’m actually Retractedboot which will sound familiar to some 360 players. I was pissing about and pretending to be in TGL. I will smash your face in when I get Xbox one m8 :D

  • @Akemi-Homura I always played in first
    Third is only good for looking at your back…

  • @Blazed Nah, if you do run away and hit trade, sure you’ll win some fights but against people who can actually fight without the run away meta, will beat you. Maharold and space cake are good examples. They’ve turned out to be 2 of the best players in the console scene without that playstyle if not the best (obviously that’s arguable). Yes, developing a different playstyle is harder and takes more time but it’s gonna work out better if you invest enough time into it. You won’t lose to a playstyle like that again.

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    It’s all fun and games with a vanguard greatsword 1st person till a 3rd person messor hit trade knight joins the game .

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