The Best Chivalry Veterans are Console or PC ?

  • @Champion-Midas

    Do you play vanilla? Try a mercs duelyard if you want to see some skilled veterans

  • @Champion-Midas Yes we have a harder time with our field of view but that kinda makes us crap since pc players are at such of an advantage. idk

  • @Wilt

    I think PC is better. Plus many doing the spin exploit without skill is like driving a google car, are you driving or just want to look like it?

  • @Wilt I am a ps4 player I’m not bad pretty meh I can drag read some feints and block decently but i must say the best players on ps4 at least were all pc veterans, but I think you mean if a ps4 player who played 2 years vs pc player who played for 2 years but has to switch to 90 pov which i think pc would still be better simply put a level zero who plays with pc vets and learns from them for two years will be better than the console counterpart because aren’t very many good native ps4 active players .

  • Well the problem is they keep bringing out upgraded consoles, having fallen into that trap many yrs back
    to find my games were not backward compatible etc - you’re not easily swayed by them anymore. The console
    field does seem more like a level field of play for Chivalry players imo.

  • Necroing because this is one of the stupidest things I’ve seen. PC Vets are known to be better than console players on both console and PC lol. Console Chiv players are laughable.

  • It’s a valid topic, you come across as one of those mordpoo trolls tbh. As for pc vets are known to be better
    etc, you’re actually wrong. Most Chiv pc vets just suck without that high fov crutch to help them. I would
    say a console vet wins every time tbh.

  • Console vets would only win on Console, there would be NO way a console vet could outplay a PC veteran on PC.

  • You might have a point but being a former console vet at fov 90 on the pc I would have to say a console
    vet would beat a pc vet due to the fact they can’t play at fov 90, which is really what this game needed tbh
    a rigid fov as csgo has. That game has 500,000 players still every night for 8 yrs. Console players are rigid
    fovs. console players are a lot more skilled then some know, eg I used to do rocket jumps in q3 on console
    also Q2 , hence they have joypads for pc’s, I even had two menbers of my old Quake3 ctf clans who used
    joypads plus proved they where just as skilled if not more so in live clan scrimmages using joypads then mouse kb players.

  • We would only win on our home turf really… I place PC Chivalry and I had a scrim with Harold and a few others against Mr Rag and BL… they destroyed us xD

  • @c4ke-from-sp4c3 I would say the limitations of console definitely harden a player, but also the lag we’ve had to deal with makes us more cautious and lacking confidence. If a console vet were to train on PC and get acquainted with the smoothness of it I see no reason why they couldn’t be on par or superior to a PC vet

  • @theknightofisla I completely agree. It’s not our fault the Xbox port of Chivalry is broken, but it forces us to fight in certain ways. If a console veteran was to train on PC with a PC vet, I’m sure they would be on par or superior to a PC vet… depending on that PC vet xD

  • Well my friend “staz” who’s had Steam for nearly 12 years has 100’s of games and thousands of hours on all types of games on PC told me a while back that alot of PC players are worse then Console players on average. He’s sent me screenshots on his PC of him being undefeated against High lvl Russian/Polish players as well as Americans for i think it was like 300 duels. I personally think The barrier between console and PC is the difference of Keyboard vs Controller. And staz is someone i beat 2 days ago in a 1v1 duel, 7-2. i haven’t played much PC chiv myself so i honestly don’t know how to distinguish a PC Vet from the odd every day high level TO Grinding skrub.

    1 thing i can say in On Console the PC players have had success. Mahrold & TGL Error are two examples. in which I’ve lost to Mahrold 7-5 but beat him 7-3 in a 2v2. So it’s hard to tell to be honest. I’d easily place my bet on PC but without enough personal Experience on PC i couldn’t give my opinion.

    All in All i think what isla & C4KE said is accurate.
    (Excuse Grammar Typing fast From Mobile Phone :P)

  • @x7a-hitokiri In other words u bad

  • @theknightofisla i 7-2’d you right after i 7-2’d staz. Mug.

  • @x7a-hitokiri Hey man, almost every round was super close

  • @theknightofisla Score speaks for its self ;)

  • @x7a-hitokiri I disagree somewhat. You could 7-0 a guy and it would only be because there was 1 thing you did that they couldn’t counter, ya know?

  • @theknightofisla Well if he couldn’t counter it and had no knowledge of this mysterious move he is clearly not as good anyway.

  • @x7a-hitokiri yeah my point is a 7-0 makes it seem like they guy is useless when in reality he’s just not quite as good, ya feel me cuz?

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